Death of Darkness

Last Published: 09-03-2019

Book Summary

Death of Darkness is the 9th book in the Immortal Guardians Series by Dianne Duvall.


You need to know several things about this book before you read.

While this is the 9th book in the series, if you look at the timeline, you’ll find that this book overlaps with several of the other books.

You’ll find that Stanislav’s, Yuri’s and Aidan’s stories all happen as this one story is happening.

The one most significant is Stan’s story.  At the beginning of this book, they think they’ve lost both Stan and Yuri in the battle that was at the end of Night Unbound.  But they find him, there’s a scene that overlaps and Stan is welcomed back into the fold!!  Pretty awesome.

You also need to know that this book answers many unanswered questions that us readers have had since the beginning of who and what Seth is.  And we find out so many things in this story.

If you’re familiar with this series and you know Seth, you know that he’s the leader of the Immortal Guardians and is the most powerful.

And the weight of the world is resting on his shoulders.  He mourns the loss of Stan and Yuri as well as takes full responsibility to what’s happening the guardians worldwide.  That there’s another Other that’s out to get the guardians because of him!

The story starts us out with him having a dream about a beautiful lady that he can’t place.  This puzzles him and intrigues him.

And with the help of cute little Adira, he meets and starts to get to know Leah Somerson.  She’s also completely human.  This detail plays a factor in the storyline as they get to know each other.

Many of the other characters play a part in this story too.

When Chris, Zach, Jared, and several others find out that he has feelings for this Leah, they go out of their way to make sure to protect her and to help Seth handle the load of being the leader.  This allows Seth to be able to spend time with her.

And of course, he’s reluctant to bring her into his world.

In the end he does.  He lays who he is for her to see, and gives her the choice.  Does she want to be a part of his life or not.  He tells her about the enemy that he has and the danger that she’s in just by knowing him.

And she chooses to be with him.

So the majority of the story is Seth learning how to delegate the huge responsibility it is to be the leader and giving himself the chance to love again.

Both Leah and Seth are familiar to heartache and cleave to each other as their romance continues.

But this book is not just about Seth and his issues.  It’s also about what’s been happening with the guardians and the enemy that plagues them all.

Gershom is the Other that has a vendetta against Seth that has been in the last several books.  They didn’t know it was him at first as Gershom played games with all of them but mostly Seth.

When they figured it out, it was too late to find a few of the gifted ones that he found and started to brainwash against Seth.

So a huge part of this story is all of them trying to find these gifted ones that have been kidnapped.  

And this brings in many of the characters that we have grown to love and adore as we’ve read this series.

They find Stan.  And with him comes Susan, the gifted one that found and unearthed him, literally!!  (Book 8, Awaken the Darkness)

And they find out that Yuri is happy even though he was beheaded in the battle in book 5.  He’s found love with Cat, Bastien’s sister who died centuries before (book 5.5, Phantom Embrace).  They are actually instrumental in helping the guardians find out where the lost gifted ones have been taken.

We also find out that little Adira, Ami’s and Marcus’ daughter, has gifts that they didn’t anticipate.  She’s an amazing, beautiful girl that needs her own story!!!

They also find out what Gershom has been doing with the lost gifted ones and what it’s going to take to rescue them all.

So this particular story if filled with so much more information about the whole story and not just about Seth.  

We also get to see what Seth’s world is like.  What’s expected of him everyday and the load that he carries.

And we see how his relationship with Leah helps him to carry that load because she cares about him.

And yes, that includes sexy scenes that are fairly detailed in each.  Leah’s character is strong, vibrant, interesting, and even funny!  She’s a good match for Seth.  And you see that in how Duvall crafts the plotline and where she takes Leah’s character.

The ending is also very interesting.

I didn’t expect the type of ending that it was.  It was surprising as well as fascinating to see how Duvall wove what happened to all the immortals and what happens to Gershom.

And this is where Seth explains who and what he is.  Even though the other Others don’t agree with him, he finally tells a handful of the immortals everything.  And shows them things that they need to understand.  And this allows us to understand as well.

You should know that even though this is the end of this plotline with Gershom, the Immortal Guardians will still have more stories.  There’s a note at the end of this book that tells us this.  As well as there’s a story loop that’s left completely open that leaves us wondering what’s going to happen next.

Duvall has done a great job of portraying Seth and the rest of the guardians.  It will be interesting to see how future books will be connected to this one as well as the Gifted Ones Series.

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