Lover Reborn

Originally Published: 09-20-2018

Book Summary

Lover Reborn is the 10th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by Jr Ward.

This is Tohrment’s story.

This is also No’One’s story.  

And it’s Wellsie’s story as well.

Back in book 2, Lover Eternal, Wellsie was killed by lessers.  

Tohr disappeared for several books and then was found by Lassiter in book 6, Lover Enshrined.

Now Lassiter is a fallen angel that has to earn his stripes back.

And even though Tohr is back, he’s not back!  He’s a shell of the man he was before.  And he’s mourning his shellan badly.  To the point that we find out, in this book, that she and their babe are stuck in the In Between.  A place that is not good for them.  They didn’t go into the Fade like Tohr first thought.

But there’s so much more that’s happening.

No’One is a female of worth that chose to take her own life after she delivered the young from the kidnapping and assault she endured at the hand of the symphath.  But instead of going into the Fade, she was rescued by the Scribe Virgin and spent her life in the Other Side serving the Chosen.

Now she happens to be Xhex’s mom.  After she was shunned and banished by her family, Tohr and Darius took care of her till she delivered Xhex.  Unbeknownst to them, though she took her own life just after delivery.

So she shows up just in time for Xhex to be mated to John Matthew in book 8, Lover Mine.  And to the complete surprise of both Xhex and Tohr, she comes with Payne from the Other Side.

She leads a quiet existence in the compound hoping to build a relationship with her daughter.

In this story, we find out that the dynamic between Tohr and No’One is not as easy as it looks.

They have a long history together as Tohr was just out of his transition and had been disowned by his father.  Darius took him under his wing and taught him all that he knows.  Then together they rescued her and the protected her during the pregnancy.

So there is this connection that keeps pulling them together.

But they both have a ton of issues to work through.  Because of the rape and assault that she endured, No’One is leery of all men.  And Tohr can’t stop thinking about Wellsie.

But when Lassiter tells him that it’s his fault that his shellan is stuck in the In Between.  And it’s up to him to get her out.

He has to learn to love another to free Wellsie and their child.

So the majority of the story is about Tohr and No’One learning more about each other and fighting their reactions to each other.  And they finally give in.  And yes, that leads to sexy scenes that do have details.

Those scenes go right along with the style of writing that is this type of story.  The use of crass and vulgar words is part and parcel of the lifestyle of these vampires and who they are.

And the whole of the story is moving forward as well.

We find out that John and Xhex are having troubles within their relationship.  He, as the bonded male, has huge troubles with his shellan  fighting the bad guys.  It takes what he sees what is happening with Tohr and No’One that he changes his mind.

Blay has gotten together with Saxton, the lawyer the vampires call upon.  Much to the disappointment of Qhuinn, who finally realizes that he loves Blay but he can’t have him.  But because of his loss, he comes to realize that his life has been full of empty sex and is not longer interested in meaningless sex.

But what is the biggest part of the whole storyline is that there’s a new band of vampires that have come over from the Old Country.  They have declared war on the Brotherhood. They want to dethrone the Blind King!

This Band of Bastards (B.o.B.), led by Xcor, are men that used to follow the Bloodletter before Payne killed him.

In this band there’s Xcor, Throe, Zypher, Syphon, Balthazar and two more cousins.

So in this story, you’ll find several scenes where Xcor strikes Wrath and the brothers.  Qhuinn is horribly wounded in one.

With Wrath mortally wounded as well.  And while he survived, Tohrment vows to kill Xcor.

Because of Qhuinn’s actions, the brothers plan on inducting Qhuinn intot the Brotherhood!  This the part that leads us into the next book where we get to hear Q’s story, finally!!!

Now things with Tohr reach a head and you start to think that he’s not going to figure things out and find a way to move on so that Wellsie can move on as well. 

Until, he does.

Right near the end of the story, he finally clues into what it’s going to take and just does it.  And that’s when you find out that there was soooo much more going on in the story then you first realized.

Now I could give you spoilers, but I won’t.

Suffice it to say, Tohr figures out how to save himself and Wellsie.  And with the help of Lassiter, No’One (by the end she’s called Autumn) is saved.  And in the process of saving her, he saves himself!

So the story is filled with a whole lot more action than what is able to be put onto a 1 page website!!

This story is a great addition to the series.  But note, that if you hadn’t been reading the whole series, in order, this one book might not have made as much sense as it could have.  I have found with this series is a whole lot better when read as a whole!

So take the time to read Qhuinn’s story in book 11, Lover at Last!

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