To Catch a Texas Cowboy

Last Published: 06-23-2018

Book Summary

To Catch a Texas Cowboy is book 2 in the Wishing, Texas Series Julie Benson. 

While there is no background plot that’s in this series, you now find out AJ’s story.

According to book 1, you know that he’s come to Wishing and taken the local chief’s position because he can’t take the FBI anymore.

But in this story you find out that there’s a whole lot more to the story.

He’s actually undercover trying to find a forgery ring that his friend Jack was trying to figure out before he died.  Now he’s been tasked with finding them for the FBI.  Under the pretense that he’s to be the chief of police so he can investigate.

But when Grace Henry literally runs into him, he knows that his life is going to change.

Grace is best friends with Carrie and has come to Wishing because her life just imploded.  She can’t find a job so she decides to help Carrie with the B&B, being her manager.

And because AJ is best friends with Ty, both AJ and Grace are constantly running into each other.

And they have a lot in common.  AJ is a cop and so was her father, so she’s well versed in being able to handle that type of personality.  But she also knows that it was hard for her mother being in that type of relationship so that makes her very reluctant to begin anything with AJ.

As they get to know each other, they find that the other is exactly what they want in spouse.  But they don’t get over their differences till the end of the story when it takes several other characters to convince them that they can’t let the other go.

And there are no sexy scenes to worry about in this story.  They are eluded and that is it.

I found that not only was the relationship part of this story, but the fact that AJ had to solve a crime made the story just that much more enjoyable and entertaining.  And yes, they do figure out who the forgers are and arrest them, but it’s not a prominent part fo the storyline.

Now, book 3 and 4 should be about the other best friends, Zane and Cooper.  Don’t forget to watch out for the book details here!

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