Originally Published: 10-07-2019

Missing is a stand-alone novel by Sharon Sala.

Book Details

This story is about Wes Holden.  He’s a soldier that’s come home from war with severe PTSD.  And he’s worried about his family.  But before he’s able to deal with things, his family is destroyed in a senseless terrorist attack.

And that’s when he’s unable to handle losing them and goes into a catatonic state.

And while he has good friends and the military to help him during this “lost” time, his actually family takes advantage of him during this state.

His step brother is a mean son of b**** and takes him from the care center only to leave him all alone.

As he’s finally starting to wake, he knows that the can’t deal with his brother yet, and starts walking.  He walks from place to place, from state to state, from city to city trying to come to terms with his demons.

Because he doesn’t recognize the world around him, he stays on the back roads and ends up in Ally Monroe’s yard.

Ally is a sweet, gentle soul who’s trapped in her life.  She’s been taking care of her brothers and her father since her mother’s passing when she was young.

When she sees Wes, she offers him a drink of water and sanctuary.

In a tiny little cabin in the woods, Wes is finally able to come to terms with the demons that plague his mind.

Only to find that there’s evil on the mountain and he’s gunning for Ally.

Wes is drawn to Ally because of her gentle nature.  And she finds the courage to stand up to her father and maybe help her brothers.

In a sad turn of events, her brothers start helping the man up the mountain and she knows that her world will ever be changed because of him.

Wes also knows that he can’t stand by and let Ally get hurt.  As a soldier, he takes measures to know his enemy and to investigate.

Book Summary

You’ll find that this is a tragic, compelling story that shows us the mind of a madman, while giving us the classic “he helps her, she helps him” story.  Together, they find each other and come to love each other while solving their issues at hand.

While the romance part is tender and sweet, the mystery part is interesting and can’t-put-down captivating.  We learn to love Wes as he comes back from the brink of sadness and despair.

This book is very typical of Sharon Sala’s style of writing where she has a sinister plot happening while the hero and heroine find each other.

The sensuality level is minor, nicely done to fit the plot line.  But it’s not a major part of the storyline.

And of course, the story ends with a HEA!  Wes saves the day, gets the girl and gets back at his step-brother, with the help of his best friend.

Even though all this happens, the ending is still sad.  The destruction that the evil caused is irreparable.  And that includes changing Ally’s life forever.

This is definitely a story worth reading!  Check it out.

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