The Agent Ex Novels by Gina Robinson

Originally Published: 09-01-2017

About the Author

Gina Robinson is a romance author that has several book series that are both romantic suspense and contemporary romance.  She is a talented author.  Her books have a “light touch” to them.  

She takes a serious topic and adds humor and adventure to how the characters deal with the issue.  Her stories are entertaining and fun.  The books are easy reads.  

I have only included the ones that I have read, but she has a several other book series.  Head to her site to see what else she has written.  Check out her site.

Book Series Summary

The Agent Ex book series is about a group of men and women that are undercover agents working for the spying arm of the CIA.  Each book is the story of each member of this particular group called the National Clandestine Services (NCS).  The chief for this group is Emmett Nelson.  He plays a secondary role in each story despite the fact that they are getting together because of him.

In a way, Emmett plays matchmaker to all his agents.  He seems to have a big heart and makes sure that each member is in just the right place to encounter the person they love and then leaves it up them.

The Spy Who Left Me

Book 1, The Spy Who Left Me, starts with Ty Miller and Treflee Miller.  Once married, these two are back together when an enemy is too close to Treflee.

Diamonds Are Truly Forever

Book 2, Diamonds Are Truly Forever, is about Staci Fields and her husband Drew.  Drew is the spy and Staci is the one that can’t hold secrets.  

Live and Let Love

Book 3, Live and Let Love, tells us about Willow Pierce.  She lost her husband, Jack, in a mission and she is just trying to move on.  But when she meets Con Russo, all she can think is that he is way too much like Jack.  She also has this sixth sense that tells her he is still alive.  

Jack has come back into her life because he can’t forget the women he loves, but with a terrorist after him, he’s having a hard time from keeping away from her.

License to Love

In book 4, License to Love, all the spies come together to help fight against RIOT.  RIOT is an enemy group that is against NCS.  Jack, Tate, and Ty play a small part in this story.

Emmett has the only female spy on the team, Lani Silkwater, recruit the man she fell in love with on a previous mission.  He happens to be a master illusionist.  Rock Powers is a very successful magician but he is still stumped at the disappearing act of his wife Lani.  Being part of the team is a chance that they can reconcile and for Lani to tell Rock about their son, Stone.

As for RIOT, they take a large blow but are not finished yet.  The leader of RIOT, his name is Random, has had surgery to look exactly like Emmett. 

Love Another Day

So in book 5, Love Another Day, they have the spy-est of spies, Tate, go after a would be defector of RIOT to see if they can get some inside info on RIOT.  

Marlene Cox has played a back ground character in the book series because she is the cover maker who coordinates all the covers for the spies when they go undercover.  In book 5, she gets her own story with her ex-husband Tate.  She has to develop the perfect cover for Tate in order to make contact with the RIOT agent that wants to defect.  

What’s up with RIOT, they get completely thwarted in book 5, but they are not defeated yet.  It left it open completely for another in the series.

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