Wild About You

Originally Published: 06-30-2018

Book Details

Wild About You is the 13th book in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks!

This is where Howard Barr finally gets his story.  He’s been the guardian and protector for Roman and Shanna from the beginning of this book series!

You find out that Howard is a were-bear as you go along in the storyline, but you don’t know anything about him until you meet Rhett Bleddyn in book 12, Wanted: Undead or Alive, when they go to Wyoming to fight the werewolves and rescue Brynley.

So now you get to know Howard and know what and why he does what he does!

And to do that, this story takes us away from the background story that has been going on and focuses on Howard and the Dragon Nest Academy school.  So you hear more from young Constantine and some of the other children.

Shanna plays a role in this story as well.  She adjusting to being a vampire and decides to help Howard find his dream girl.

And that’s where Elsa Bjornberg comes in.  She’s a lady that is 6’2″ and has a story of her own.

And that’s where this story is different from the others.

Elsa is a decedent of special group, called guardians, that helped to create the were-bears and werewolves in the first place. 

But she doesn’t know she’s a guardian until she heads to the forest where Shanna’s house is that they will renovate.

This is when her eccentric aunts come to rescue her from the berserker that they think Howard is.

So this story is a fun and quirky side story that goes along with the characters.  And while it’s attached to the background plot, there really isn’t anything in this book that has to do with background plot.  

Most of the characters do make an appearance in this book, but they don’t play a huge role.

I found this story to be a cute story.  Howard was “wild about Elsa” all through the storyline, hence the title of the book.

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