The Orchard Valley Series

Originally Published: 07-13-2017

The Orchard Valley Series is a 4-book series that Debbie Macomber has put into 2 books.  

Here are the new book covers that she issued out in 2017.

This series is about the Bloomfield family.  There’s Valerie, Stephanie, Norah and their father, David.

David has had a heart attack.  And while he survived the surgery, he as woken up to tell his daughters that they will soon be married and having children – ALL of them – in the not too distant future!!

It’s a fun, easy series.

Orchard Valley Grooms

Book 1, Orchard Valley Grooms, is both Valerie’s and Stephanie’s stories.  

Orchard Valley Brides

Book 2, Orchard Valley Brides, is Norah’s story.  And it’s Sherry Waterman’s story as well.  She is best friends with Norah.

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