Perfect Timing

Originally Published: 05-03-2018

Book Summary

Perfect Timing is the 11th book in the Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series by Catherine Anderson.

This is the final book in this series.

This book is also called A Harrigan Family Novel.

This story is about the final Harrigan to get married.  That’s Quincy.

So the story begins with Quincy completely despondent about his sister-in-law Loni. ( She’s the clairvoyant married to Clint (read book 8)).  She’s horribly ill and the doctors have no idea how to help her.  She has a very rare form of leukemia and isn’t expected to live.

All of the family have congregated to offer support Clint and it was Quincy’s turn to help with the farm chores.

And that’s where he finds a weirdly dressed female in Beethoven’s stall and she then tells him a fantastic story that is so out there, that he doesn’t believe her at first.  Her name is Ceara O’Ceallaigh.

She tells him that she is from 1574 and has come to break the curse that was put onto his family back in the 1400s.  This curse was that every first wife of any of the Harrigan men would die of some sort of blood related issue.  And as she was a virgin descendant of the original O’Callaigh ancestress that put the curse onto the O’Hourigan’s, she must marry Quincy in order to break the curse.

And of course, he doesn’t believe her.  But with the help of his father Frank, they dig into their history and find that the facts that she’s sharing are accurate and she just might be right.

They are also in a time crunch.  Loni is fading fast and when the family gets wind of what Ceara is and what she can do, they force Quincy and Ceara to marry and consummate the marriage.

So the storyline starts out fast moving and definitely interesting.  Because Ceara is from the 1500s, there is nothing in the 21st century that is familiar to her.  And she can’t go back either.  So she feels lonely and homesick.

So Catherine Anderson has taken the time to give Ceara a thick Irish brogue.  That’s always fun to read!  And while Ceara is an interesting character, she has to relearn everything all over again . 

So the storyline is wrapped around her being fascinated about modern things, to being surprised and astonished at what modern technology is and how to use it. 

Throughout the storyline, Ceara goes through a complete transformation from a 1500s druid lady to modern looking and dress.  

And through all this, her and Quincy are getting to know each other.  While they consummated the marriage to break the curse, Quincy doesn’t want to push her in that area of their relationship too fast.  He wants them to get to know each other.

And they do.  And of course, they stumble along the way.  Because they are literally from two different eras, their communication skills, or lack thereof, come into play!  This gets the other Harrigan women involved and makes for some hilarious scenes!!!

So the majority of the story is sweet and tender as Quincy and Ceara are getting to know each other and all that entails.  

And then it wouldn’t be an awesome romance story without more problems happening!!!

Ceara is a druid and has powers.  She can alter the weather.  She has an affinity with animals.  And she can heal.

So when Quincy cuts his wrist, Ceara jumps into save him.  Now you have to know that she is pregnant by this time and using her powers drains her of energy.  The jump through time changed her powers and made them less then before.

So when she heals Quincy’s severed artery in his wrist, she goes into premature labor and delivers the baby early.  She delivers a very tiny baby girl.

This is where we read some very emotional scenes about Quincy and Ceara.  I will tell you, it does end “happily ever after” but you really need to read the ending to feel the emotions of the characters and what they are going through.  And what they go through will bring tears to your eyes.

Catherine Anderson is a master storyteller in being able to get those emotions across to us readers!  This is definitely an awesome read to check out.

The only thing I found was that they story just ended.  And as this is the last book in the series, the series just ended. 

As a reader who likes to know about what happens even after the story ends, I would love to see a story about the daughter and what she becomes!!!

Don’t forget to read about each of the family members by going back and reading the whole series.  It’s definitely worth your time.

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