Night Unbound

Last Published: 11-26-2019

Book Summary

Night Unbound is the 5th book in the Immortal Guardians Series by Dianne Duvall.

While this is a full length novel and can stand alone, there’s a back story to this series and this particular book leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

This story is about Lisette and Zack.

She’s sister to Etienne (book 4) and Richart (book 3.5).

Zach is the winged character that has been showing up from time to time and was befriended by Ami (book 2).  He’s also an Other like Seth.

Zach saved Lisette’s life and that made her see him as more than somebody to fear.  And he was starting to feel like there is more to life than what his existence has been for hundreds of years.

Zach is like Seth and is “cousins” with him.  He’s immortal, has amazing powers, can fly, can heal and can teleport.

Lisette is a warrior, beautiful and talented.  She’s been fighting along side her brothers Etienne and Richart since she accidentally changed them a couple of centuries before.  She’s telepathic and can speak with both her brothers as well as others close by.

Zach is a loner.  He is contemplating walking away from the Others just as Seth had done many centuries before.  He is a 6’10” gorgeous male, has wings like Seth and amazing powers.

Lisette caught his eye back in book 4, Darkness Rises, and lets himself be captured so he could meet her.  

Due to Gershom playing games with them, Seth thinks that Zach is the ones that has betrayed him  and then lets the Others capture again.

During his captivity, he’s able to visit Lisette and then somehow she’s the one that he transports to when he needs help.  She helps him to heal and they start to fall for each other.  

She calls in Bastien to help.  He’s the black sheep of the family and the only Immortal Guardian who didn’t know he was a guardian and was gathering an army of vampires before he realized who he was.  Check out book 3 to know the whole story.

And it’s while he’s healing that they really get to know each other.  While Zach may have been a virgin in the beginning, they get to know each other quite well!!  The sex scenes are quite detailed and there are several.

During the course of their ‘courting’, she gets injured and all of the Immortal Guardians see how much he cares for her.  He chooses to be with her.  This is an amazing scene that plays a huge part of the storyline.

This story brings to light more of the back story that has been happening.  The Immortal Guardians have been fighting the vampires.  

Vampires are the ones that have the virus but aren’t special like the guardians.  They eventually die from the virus after going insane.

As there are more attacks against the guardians, they can’t seem to figure out who is.  Seth accused Zach, then Lisette and then Aiden for being the one to betray them.  But it turns out that the one who betrayed them was an Other like Seth and Zach.  But you don’t find that out till the very end.  This is Gershom.

If you remember Seth is an Immortal but he doesn’t have the virus.  He’s the one that has been protecting the guardians all this time.  He defected from the Others long before the story began and has been taking care of the immortal guardians ever since.

So when he feels one is betraying him, he takes it personally!  

As Zach and Lisette cement their relationship, Seth is trying to figure out who is attacking them.  Keep in mind that Seth and Zach used to be friends.

This is a full length story that keeps you on your toes.  And you definitely have to read the next book (book 6) to find out what’s gonna happen to them. 

One thing that happens here is that Ami gives birth to her baby girl.  It was touch and go for a while and that created many scenes that bring out the emotions of each character!!

There are many loose ends at the end of this book.  Plus there are so many characters that you have trouble keeping track of them let alone if they have a story or not.

But the story is a good story.  It’s well written and engaging.  You definitely need to read this whole series to be able to understand the background story that’s happening.

There is so much more that happens then just the romance between Lisette and Zach.  Check out some details about the whole series here.

This story leads us more into book 6, Shadow Strike, then book 5.5, Phantom Embrace.  But both are needed to continue the overall plot line of the series.

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