The Lucky Penny Ranch Series

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Series Summary

The Lucky Penny Ranch Series is about two brothers and their cousin who buy the “Lucky Penny” ranch together.  

The Lucky Penny Ranch is not lucky.  It’s a ranch that has seen no luck and many have owned it.  The town of Dry Creek have taken bets to see how long they last!

Now Blake, Toby and their cousin Jud have pooled their money and their skills to buy the ranch.   And their plan is to make it a profitable ranch.  

What they didn’t expect was to find women along the way!!  The women in the series are sisters, the Logan sisters (Allie, Lizzy and Fiona).  

The men are rough looking, wild cowboys that the good girls are warned to stay away from.  But as each come home to Dry Creek, they take the time to get to know theses cowboys and fall in love.

Book 1, Wild Cowboy Ways, is about Blake Dawson and Allie Logan.

Book 2, Hot Cowboy Nights, is about Toby Dawson and Lizzy Logan.

Book 3, Merry Cowboy Christmas, is about Jud Dawson and Fiona Logan.

Book 4, Wicked Cowboy Charm, is about Deke Sullivan and Josie Dawson.  He’s best friends with Allie in book 1.  Josie is Jud’s sister.

While each book can stand alone, I found that there were details and characters that were explained better when you read the whole series.

There could also be more added to this series.  The author left it open with some characters with open stories!!  So it will be fun to see.

This series is a fun, easy read.

The smut levels are low to medium.  They were there just not a lot of detail to be warned about.

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