Dark Challenge

Originally Published: 11-26-2019

Book Summary

Dark Challenge by Christine Feehan is the 5th book in the Dark Series.

While this story is about Julian Savage and Desari Daratrazanoff, this story also brings you a bunch more characters that are added to the cast of characters in this book series.

Desari was part of group of children that fled their homeland when the Turk wars were happening under the care of her older brother Darius.

Desari and Darius happen to be younger siblings to the great Gregori, The Great One (book 4).

At 6yrs of age, Darius escaped with five small children and then raised them in far off Africa.

So you have two full grown Carpathian women and four men.  There was Darius, Desari, Savon, Barak, Dayan and Syndil.

Darius story is found in book 6.  Barak and Syndil become lifemates in book 6 as well, although their story is not really shared in the storyline.  Dayan story is found in book 12.


Just before this story begins, Syndil was brutally assaulted and raped by Savon, after he chose to go to the dark side and become a vampire.

As their leader and protector, Darius could do nothing but destory Savon.  This leaves Syndil in a delicate state in body and mind.  To cope, she spends much of her time in the body of a leopard.

This group formed a singing group called the Dark Troubadoors, with Darius as security, Desari as lead singer, Barak on guitar and backup singer, Dayan on guitar and songwriter, with Syndil playing whatever other instrument that they need.

And they traveled around the world singing songs of healing and love to their devoted fans.

Because Desari and Syndil are Carpathian women, they have skills and talents that are just as powerful as the men.

When Desari sings she puts all who hear her under a spell of enchantment and peace.  Her voice is a magical instrument that aids in the healing of the small family as well as the war against the vampires.

Syndil is of the earth.  When she puts her hands in the earth, she’s able to heal the earth from the dark destruction that is caused by the vampires.

They are both the target a vicious, ancient vampire bent on destroying all of them.


If you remember back in book 4, Gregori asked Julian to find and warn the singer that she was on the hit list for the vampire hunters.

When he hears her sing, he knows she’s his lifemate.  At long last, he has found his lifemate.

Because Darius had raised them away from the Carpathian Mountains, they are more modern than Julian and many others.

Julian figures out early on that Darius and Desari are siblings to Gregori.  And even contacts Gregori to let him know.  But Gregori does not make an appearance in this book.

So lots of stuff happen in this book that help to understand the Carpathian people.

The women are just as gifted as the men.

That the old ways are being lost because of modern woman and times.

That Darius is much like Gregori despite they have not met for many centuries.

There are references to two new characters that will be showing up soon.  Gabriel and Lucien are brothers that are even more ancient than Mikhail and Gregori.  Their stories are found in book 8 and 9!

Way back in Julian’s childhood, he was tricked by a master vampire and drank from him.  Julian was used as a pawn to ferret out info and to torment others, so Julian spent most of his centries alone despite the fact that he had a twin brother.

And it is this same vampire that is targetting the small group of Carpathians.

And it is Julian that must finally defeat him, not only to save Desari and Syndil but to also rid himself of the darkness that has been in him since his youth.

So the story is filled with lots of new details for us to know about the Carpathian people.

I found this book to be filled with words that were love, peace and harmony.  

And the storyline does follow the pattern of the rest of the series.  Julian scenes Desari, knows he must claim her before he succumbs.  Then they must get to know each other.

And they do, including the intimate parts.  There are several scenes to watch out for.  And they are detailed.  You will find that she uses language that is sensual and beautiful.

This is a great addition to the Dark Series!  Don’t forget to go back to check out the rest of the book series.

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