Winter Kiss

Originally Published: 10-13-2017

Book Summary

Winter Kiss by Deborah Cooke is the 4th book in the Dragonfire Series.  

This story carries on the story of the Pyr and their mates.  By this time Quinn is with Sara, Donovan has found Alex, and Erik is with Eileen.

The old Wyvern is gone and a new one is in her place, albeit she’s quite small!!  

And Delaney, who amazingly survived being dead, has gone on his own self imposed exile.

Book 4, Winter Kiss is Delaney’s story!

This one starts out with Delaney on a suicide mission to destroy the Elixir.  What he doesn’t know is that it is all a part of Magnus’ plan.  He wants to have Delaney replace Cinnabar.

And then Delaney feels his firestorm!

So this book is the story of Delaney and Ginger Sinclair.

Ginger is a farm girl, raising cattle at a dairy farm in the middle of nowhere.  But it happens to be right near where Magnus is keeping the large vial of Elixir.

They meet at a chance encounter.  And because of the firestorm there is an instant attraction.

But Delaney’s convictions behind the suicide mission get in the way.  

And the firestorm doesn’t get satisfied the first time the come together.

When Ginger realizes that he’s gone off, she is fuming mad!  Who wouldn’t be!!!

But when she gets to know him and his story.  Along with all his friends, the other Pyr, she knows he is a keeper.

Then she not only satisfies the firestorm, but she joins in his quest hoping to convince him that it doesn’t need to be a suicide mission.  They can destroy it without dying – together!

All of the Pyr and their women come together to defeat Magnus and to destroy the Elixir.  And while Magnus gets severely wounded in this book, he isn’t dead until him and Rafferty really fight it out in book 6.

And it’s with Ginger’s help that the Elixir is finally destroyed and Cinnabar is finally allowed to die.

And it’s with Ginger that Delaney is finally healed.  Not only in his soul but also with an element of the earth that she offered.

So the story does end happy.  But the plot line is nowhere near done.  You can feel the open plot line as this story ends.


Here’s a fun quote that shows the prophecy that was for Delaney and Ginger!


The series is definitely worth reading.  But it is not an easy, fun read.  This series, including this book are sit and pay attention reads!  But it is a series that is worth checking out and adding to your collections.

So sit back and enjoy!

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