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Originally Published: 08-12-2020

About the Author

Romance Author Lori Foster is an uber successful author with many books to her name.

She dabbles in contemporary romance with many of them being about families.

She’s been around for many years with some of her books published way back in 2000.

She writes about groups of people that if they aren’t families, then they may as well be.  And her stories are closely connected with many of the characters being in each of the books even when one book is about a set of characters.

I’ve only read a small handful of her stories.  But they are definitely worth checking out.

Check out her site here.  She has a site full of so many books to read.  I’ve listed the ones that I have read.

The Buckhorn Brothers Series

The Buckhorn Brothers Series is a book series that’s all about family.  And this happens to be the Hudson brothers.

Please note that there’re several book covers for this entire series, too many to put them all here.  I’ve included as many as I can find on each of the book page.

Buckhorn Beginnings is a double issued book with both the books, Sawyer and Morgan included.

Click the Buckhorn Beginnings book cover to see #bookdetails about both books!



Forever Buckhorn is a double issued book with both the books, Gabe and Jordan included.

Click on the Forever Buckhorn book cover to see #bookdetails about both books!



Buckhorn Brothers Collection Vol 1-5

You’ll find that this author published all 5 first books in a collection in 2017 with this book cover.

In book 5, The Buckhorn Legacy, we finally get to read Casey’s story.

He’s the son to Sawyer before he married and met Honey.

The next several books in this series are actually a series of novellas.  Each of these books are 60-80 pages long.  And each of these books are about a child from one of the men from the first 4 books in this series.

And to make things interesting, you’ll find that there’s a collection box set cover for all of these books!

Please note that there are several more books to this series, but I haven’t read them yet.

Buckhorn Brothers Collections





Lori Foster has several other book series.  As soon as I’ve read them, I’ll include the book pages for them.

The Love Undercover Series

I’ll let you know about this one, once I’ve read it!!

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