MacGowan’s Ghost

Originally Published: 09-01-2017

Book Summary

MacGowan’s Ghost is the 4th book in the Paranormal Ghost Stories by Cindy Miles.

While this book can stand on it’s own, you meet Ethan and Amelia Munro from book 3, Highland Knight, again and get to see how they are doing!

This story is about Gabe MacGowan and Allie Morgan.

Allie is a paranormal investigator who communicates with spirits to find out why they are haunting the living!

Gabe is owner/operator to Odin’s  Thumb, the local pub and inn, in Sealladh ne Mara, a small Scottish seaside village!  It’s the gathering spot for locals as well as their ghostly friends.

And quite the cast of paranormal characters.  There’s Captain Justin Catesby, Friar Digby, Mademoiselle Bedeau, and Lords Ramsey and Killegrew.

The people of Sealladh ne Mara have grown up with the motley crew of characters, even Gabe.

But he needs them to leave, so he invites Allie in to oust the ghosts so he can sell the pub and inn and move elsewhere.

When Allie gets there and meets all of them (along with bringing her own ghostie with her(Alexander Dauber)), she finds that it’s not the ghosts that need help. 

Gabe needs help.  His dead wife is haunting him.

This is a cute story of Gabe and Allie getting to know each other.  Because they are in Scotland, they use fun Scottish words and sayings.  

And all the ghostly crew believe in keeping one’s honor and control intact.  So there is one page that has an itty bitty smutty detail on it.  I wouldn’t call it anything.  Unfortunately you see much worse on tv nowadays!

It’s definitely a cute story.  I enjoy reading it.  And I enjoyed getting to know all the characters.

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