Lover Unleashed

Originally Published: 09-12-2018

Book Summary

Lover Unleashed is the 9th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward. 

This is Payne’s story.

Payne, sister to Vishous “V” and daughter to the Scribe Virgin joined the storyline only a couple of books ago.

She fought with Wrath as a sparring partner in book …

And then in book 8, when she’s angry at her mother, the fight with Wrath takes a wrong turn and she’s horribly wounded and is in danger.

So this story starts with Wrath being allowed to bring her to the compound to get the medical help that she needs.

What puts a spin on the story is that Vishous didn’t know about her, didn’t know that he had a twin sister.  So this is a total shock to V and to Doc Jane.

But as Doc Jane is the resident doctor to the vampires, she knows that she must get more specialized help to fix Payne.

And that’s when she calls in Manny Manello.  As a surgeon, he’s able to operate and fix what was broken.

He takes one look at her and is smitten.  

He’s able to fix her and then he’s sent home.  Now when they interact with humans, they do a little magic and make it that they are not remembered in order to cover their tracts.

But when these humans encounter them again they get a raging headache (and other physical symptoms that are not good) and it causes memory lapses.

And this is what’s been happening to Manny.  Because the vampires have been going in and out of his life and leaving blanks spots, his work is falling apart.

But V pulls him in again anyway as Payne is not doing well and still needs his helps.

And then things start to heat up between Manny and Payne.  And when they heat up they realize that it’s a way to get her healed.

Now you also need to know is that this story is not just about Payne.  This story is also about Vishous and Doc Jane.  They’re still struggling within their relationship and the appearance of Payne (a sister he didn’t know he had) makes it that some of his deep seated issues come to light.

And while they do figure some things out, these scenes are tough to read as they are very emotional and touching.

And because there’s parts about Vishous, you know that Butch is going be a part of it.  Out of all the brothers, these two are the closest.

You will also find parts of this story to be about Qhuinn.  He’s finally realized that he’s in love with Blay and can’t have him.  These scenes are definitely foreshadowing for when they have their own book in book 11, Lover at Last.

New characters come into play in this book as well.  There’s a band of vampires that had followed the Bloodletter that lived in the Old Country.  But they found that things had dried up there.  So they just happened to move to Caldwell, New York just like all of the brothers!

They play a roll in that the leader, Xcor is looking for Payne as he thinks she killed his father.  What he finds out is that the Bloodletter was his bio dad and he lied to him.  So that throws a wrench into his thinking.  Even though he has some plans that still have to happen.

In the end, Manny gives up his old life, goes to the compound and decides to work with Jane.  He also finds out that he just might be a half-breed as Butch is the spitting image of his own father!

Okay, so there’s so much more that happens.  

The story is engaging and interesting as we see how both Payne and Vishous make choices that make it possible for them to be with their mates.

And this story ends on a high note instead of a bad one, which is good.

The next story to watch for is the long awaited one about Tohrment.  He gets his own story finally.  We’ll see if he ends up with Wellsie again or if someone new comes along!  Check out Lover Reborn!

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