Lavender Morning

Originally Published: 10-06-2018

Book Summary

Lavender Morning is the 4th book in the Edilean Series by Jude Deveraux.

This book is classified as a contemporary romance, but you will find that it’s also classified as historical as the 1st book, Days of Gold, happens to be a historical romance!

There are no sexy scenes that you need worry about.  The main characters don’t even actually get together until right at the end of the storyline.

The story is well-written but you will find that her style of writing is where there is a lot more going on behind the scenes.  She carries her story along with dialogue, funny engaging dialogue, but you have to read between the lines to know what’s happening with the characters.

This story has a prologue that tells us more about Edi and then has chapters that share more about her story as we move along with the modern day characters.

So this story is a bit of a historical romance along with a modern romance as well.  We get to know Edi and her beau, David.  As well as getting to know Jocelyn and Luke.

As Jocelyn is welcomed into the small community of Edilean, she gets to know those that live there.  And the people that are living there make up the beginning of this book series.

Jocelyn meets and becomes friends with Sara Shaw.  She’s a cousin to Luke and Ramsey.  During this story, Sara starts dating Greg Anders.  Their story comes in book 3, Scarlet NIghts.

And even though Jocelyn has inherited this Edilean Manor, she hasn’t inherited any money to upkeep the ancient house.

Luke’s the gardener that has been helping to keep the house from falling apart!  

Ramsey’s the lawyer helping Jocelyn finalize the house and all the legalese about it.  He’s also lays claim on Jocelyn as him and Luke have challenged each other their entire lives.

So the story is filled with antics between Luke and Ramsey.  As cousins, they have a lot of history together!  And that includes Sara as well. 

Then there’s Tess.  She’s Ramsey’s personal assistant at the law office and she runs his life.  But as you go thru the story you find that they just might have feelings for each other.

So Jocelyn moves in, finds out that the town is trying to set her up with both Luke and Ramsey, finds out that everything she knew about Edi is wrong, and then she finds out that there’s no money to help her keep the house up.

So for the majority of the story Jocelyn is trying to piece together who Edi really was and what happened to her.  And with the help of Luke and some of the older generation, she’s able to find some answers.

And what she actually finds leaves her floored and in tears, happy tears of course.

And then all the secrets start to come out and you find out what happened to Edi and what she planned for Jocelyn.

So the story is a sweet and tender story about finding your true love while finding out that you belong to a family that you want to belong to!!

But the story doesn’t end there.  

If you check out book 2, Days of Gold, we get to know where to town of Edilean came from and how there was an original Edilean that came across from England along with a story of kidnapping and stolen money!

Book 3, Scarlet Nights, is about Sara and Greg and how he’s not as he seemed.

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