The Texas Trilogy

Last Published: 06-23-2018

Book Series Summary

The Texas Trilogy is a brand new thrilling romantic suspense series by Kat Martin.   

While this series is based in Texas, it’s in three different little places in Texas.  They are connected by the men that are the main characters.  So there’s no background plot that spans the whole book series, so each book stands on its own.

This series is about three men (Lincoln Cain, Beau Reese and Joshua Cain), connected by blood but also connected by circumstance.  Linc and Beau became best friends in grade school.  Josh is Linc’s younger brother.

Book 1, Beyond Reason, is about Carly Drake and Lincoln Cain.  She owns Drake Trucking.  

He’s a mulit-millionaire that happens to be a rival firm, Texas American Transportation or Tex/Am Transport to Drake Trucking.

Book 2, Beyond Danger, is about Beaumont (Beau) Reese.  He’s Linc’s best friend and business partner.  He lost his first wife to cancer.  He gets his own happy ending when he gives it a chance with Cassidy Jones.  They team up together to solve his father’s murder.

Then book 3, Beyond Control, brings us Joshua Cain’s story.  He’s Linc’s brother who served in the marines and has come to Texas to find some peace and quiet.  That is until Victoria Bradford begs for a job!!

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