To Love a Texas Cowboy

Last Published: 06-23-2018

Book Summary

To Love a Texas Cowboy is the first book in the Wishing Texas Series by Julie Benson.

This book series is about the four friends, Ty, Zane, AJ and Cooper.

This is Ty Barnett’s story.

Together he and Carrie Reynolds are the guardians of adorable little Ella.  She’s the 6 year old daughter to Jack and Chloe Mitchell.  Unfortunately, they were killed in a plane crash and left Carrie as guardian.  Carrie is Chloe’s sister.

With Ty as the financial guardian, they are both asked to help raise little Ella.

Carrie’s an artist – a painter, sculptor, loves to draw, type of person.  She has no idea what she’s doing taking care of Ella, but she’s determined to make it work.

Ty’s a local rancher that just happens to be the polar opposite to Carrie.  Where she’s whimsical and free spirited, he’s conservative and responsible.  They have nothing in common except Ella.

But that doesn’t stop the chemistry that they start to feel whenever they have to be together.

And they are thrown together often as Ella’s not adjusting well to losing her parents.  She’s refusing to speak and she’s having nightmares.  Cassie and Ty have to come together to help this sweet little girl who’s heartbroken.

And that brings them together.  And together they figure out how to financially support not only little Ella (and Cassie) but to grow the business that’s linked with Ty’s ranch.

It’s only after she hurts her wrist that things take a turn for the better.  They explore the intimacy and chemistry that’s between them and that includes sexy scenes.  The first scene has details in it and the others don’t, which is nice.

Then of course, their insecurities come back to haunt them, and they almost don’t make it.  And then it takes AJ practically kicking his butt to get him to see that what Carrie did was not as bad as he thinks and he shouldn’t let her get away!!

And he finally comes to his senses and they live happily ever after!!!

Oh, and AJ moved to the ranch to help Ty out but also because he’s had enough of his job at the FBI.   He gets the job as the chief of police.  His story is in book 2, To Catch a Texas Cowboy!!  Check it out!

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