How Cowboy Nights

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Summary

Hot Cowboy Nights is the 2nd book in the Lucky Penny Ranch Series.

If you’ve been reading this whole series, you know that it’s about the Dawson boys and the Logan girls and that it’s a fun and delightful cowboy romance.

This story is about Lizzy and Toby.  

While Lizzy is the manager and owner of the Dry Creek Seed and Feed store, Toby has finally come to the ranch to help Blake with the clearing, plowing, planting and managing their herd of cattle.

This book follows right after book 1 with Blake’s and Allie’s story.

While Lizzy may have gotten dumped on Allie’s wedding day, she isn’t gonna take it lying down.  She starts up a rebound fling with Toby but ends it just as this story starts.

Toby’s a player.  He has a pattern to meeting his women and he has no plans to settle down.  Even in Dry Creek there are those that would love to get their hands on the Dawson boys.  And they keep chasing Toby.

To keep the crazies away from Toby, they come up with a plan where Toby and Lizzy will pretend to be dating.  

As they pretend to date, the gossips of Dry Creek go wild with what they think is happening and what they think they know.

So the majority of the storyline is Toby and Lizzy evading or encouraging the gossips.  The gossips go so far as to allienate Katy because her daughters are connecting up with these Dawson boys!!!

As Toby and Lizzy pretend to date, they realize they like each other and they want to date for real.  They keep things on the down low at first, but as they get to know each other, they know that they are meant to be together.

So book 1 leads right into this book.  And this book leads right into book 3.  And then into book 4!  My fav kind of series!

In each book you see how each are moving forward, but each book is in their different perspective.

The sexy scenes are there but not really detailed.  You know that are doing things but the author has not used crude sex words to describe things.   It’s more intimated than anything.  There are more than one scene but most just lead off and go to the next scene.

It’s definitely worth reading!  Keep reading for book 3 and book 4!

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