Dark Wolf

Last Published: 07-26-2018

Book Summary

Dark Wolf is the 25th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This is also the 2nd book in the small trilogy that’s within this book series.

The trilogy consists of Dark Lycan, Dark Wolf, and Dark Blood!!!

This story picks up right after Dark Lycan but in Skyler’s POV.

While all the others have converged to the Carpathian Mountains for the meeting between the Lycan and Carpathian lead councils, Skyler with her two best friends are launching a plan to find and rescue Dimitri before succumbs to the “death by silver”.

Because of a special connection between Skyler and Dimitri, they can communicate despite the silver that’s blocking everyone else.

And it doesn’t hurt that Skyler is a force of her own.  She has a lot going for her with the fact that she has several bloodlines running thru her veins.  She’s Dragonseeker because she’s Razvan’s biological daughter.  She’s mage because she’s Xavier’s granddaughter.  She’s also had a powerful psychic for a biological mother long before she was sold to the man whom she thought was her father.   She’s also has a special connection to Mother Earth.

With all of this, she’s a force that is determined to find her lifemate and to save him.

With the help of her friends Josef and Paul, the locate him in a mountain range of Russia surrounded by a pack of Lycans.

Now if you remember, Josef is the very young Carpathian kid, who’s a computer genius along with the being nephew to Byron (book 10) and son to Vlad.  Paul is the younger brother to Colby (married to Rafael De La Cruz), (book 15).   And don’t forget that Skyler became Gabriel’s and Francesca’s daughter in book 8.

So because these three kids are such a vital part of the Carpathian community, their deaths would cause an uproar within and cause a war between the Lycans and the Carpathians.

Right at the end of Dark Lycan, Dimitri was captured by some renegade Lycans that were determined to continue the attack that’s been happening towards the Carpathians.

They want to start a war between the Lycans and the Carpathians.  This is the plotline for these three books.  So more things are happening regarding this.

There’s even an attack upon both councils as they met together causing some major casualties.

With the skills and determination that runs thru Skyler, she’s able to find and rescue Dimitri.  She then takes them to a clearing where she’s erected a dome of safety that will only allow Carpathians in.

And the way she does it is nothing short of amazing.  She’s an amazing character.  Christine Feehan has done a good job of building this character throughout the series and up to this point.  You see that there’s much more to Skyler than first thought and she doesn’t disappoint.

There are several sexy scenes that you need to be aware of.  I found that they were a bit over the top for one that was so severely abused as a child.  Well written but still over the top.

So this book carries on the small plotline of the rogue wolves attacking them that was started in Dark Lycan while pulling the background plot of the whole series along as well. 

The plotlines intertwine with the preservation of the Carpathian people.  Now, it’s just taken on a different dimension.

Alot happens in this book as well that carries on the storyline.

Dimitri and Skyler join together completely as lifemates but only after he saves her life in a dramatic scene as they are escaping the Lycans.

All of the parents come to save these three (Skyler, Paul and Josef) and to provide sustenance and help as Dimitri saves Skyler’s life.

Zev, a character you met in Dark Lycan, is an elite lycan hunter that hunts the Sanga rau.  His whole life is turned upside down with the capture of Dimitri.  While he helped to keep Dimitri alive, everything about the capture seems off and that left him reeling.

There’s a bombing were the two councils were meeting and Zev was gravely injured.  With the help of the Carpathians, Zev becomes a Guardian as well as Dimitri.

So this story is filled with a lot details and events that richly add to the whole storyline.  This story is well-written and compelling as we see the relationship between the main characters develop as well as hints to other characters along with the continued development of the background story.

And it leads right into book 26, Dark Blood, where we get to see the story of Zev and Bronnie.

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