The Stage Dive Novels by Kylie Scott

Originally Published: 09-02-2017

This series comes in four separate books with these books covers.

But, she sells this book series in anthologies with these book covers.

This book series is about a rock band that have been together since they were practicing in the garage.  There’s David and Jimmy, who are brothers.  David’s best friend is Malcolm (Mal) Erickson.  And finally there’s Ben Nicholson.  Each book is about each of the band members. 

Book Series Summary

First you need to know, this book series is very detailed.  I did a whole lot of page turning!!  Erotica romance is not my style.  There’s also a lot of the “F” word in the story.  While it may go with the characters, it is also used for the sex scenes.

The plot line was well written.  The story was engaging and interesting.  The sex scenes were a huge part but it wasn’t the only thing about the story, which was nice to read.

She writes these book series in first person.  Normally, I don’t like first person stories, but she did a great job of making it work.  She never deviated from person to person.  It was from only one person’s point of view in each books.  It’s from the ladies’ point of view in each of the stories as opposed to the men from the band.  Interesting!!


Book 1, Lick, starts with David Ferris and Evelyn Thomas.  He’s the song writer and plays guitar.  Ev is just an ordinary girl.

Only she wakes up after her binge night of her 21st birthday married to David and she doesn’t remember a thing.

What follows is a story of giving each other a chance despite their beginning.  He was really hurt that she didn’t remember that night.  But he is looking to settle a part of his life down.  She is a small town girl that has to learn the ropes of being married to a famous rock star and learning to trust that he’ll be only for her. 

Of course, there’s lots of bumps on the way, but they figure things out and make it work.


Book 2, Play, shares Mal’s and Anne Rollin’s story.  He plays the drums for the band.  Anne was a friend of Lauren in book 1.  Lauren was Ev’s best friend.  That’s the connection.  Anne is just a nobody who raised her younger sister, Lizzy when her mother “checked out” after parents divorce.  

Anne gets invited to a party that David and Ev are putting on.  She doesn’t really want to go (she’s feeling down cuz her roommate skipped out on her) but goes anyway.  She would love a chance to actually meet the band that she fantasized about as a young girl.  Especially the drummer, the one she had tons of pics on her wall!!!

With a quirky twist of fate, he moves into her apartment and asks her if she can be his pretend girlfriend.  He knows she’s in a bind with her apartment because of her roommate and he gets kicked out of David and Ev’s place.    With the deal that they will stay out of each others business and make it look good.

It gets interesting as the play acting turns to real.  Real feelings that each are coming to have.  

It’s actually a pretty good story.  Mal’s mom is really really sick.  And only has days, months to live.  And he is heartbroken.  At first, he doesn’t tell anybody what is going on.  Then when everyone finds out, all of them are heart sick.

You see, Mal’s mom and dad were the ones to take David and Jimmy in when their deadbeat of a mom wasn’t around.  They love her just as much.  So when they find out, they put the tour on hold to be with her in her final days.  With the help of his mom (before she passes), that he sees that he needs Anne in his life and goes to win her back.

Kylie Scott does a great job of building the characters.  While David was a laid back, easy going type of character, Mal was an off-the-charts crazy.  You could actually feel him vibrating, like he couldn’t sit still – at all.  Being the drummer, he used his drums to take some of his frustration with him mom out on the drum set (and on himself by drinking).  So kuddos go to Kylie Scott for writing so well.


Book 3, Lead, bring in Jimmy Ferris.  He is the lead singer of the band and is a pretty boy.  He is also heavy into the rock band lifestyle and is heavily drinking and doing drugs.  The others force him to go into rehab using the ultimatum that they will leave him and he will no longer be a part of the band if he doesn’t quit.

But they don’t trust him.  They hire Lena Morrisey as his sobriety companion and live-in assistant.   At first, she is really reluctant, but she agrees.  As time goes on, she comes to realize that she is actually falling for Jimmy.  She doesn’t act on it though.  

When he finds out she’s falling for him, he does everything he can to divert her opinion.  But he doesn’t like it.  He has deep psychological issues because of his mother.  He is the older of the two boys and he was the one that witnessed more than David did.  Hence the deeper issues.

The ending is kinda cheezy and quick.  And corny.  I’ll let you read it!!!


Book 4, Deep, is Ben Nicholson and Lizzy Rollin’s story.  He’s the bass player and plays piano.  She is Anne’s younger sister.  They had a one night stand the weekend that Mal and Anne got married that has left them with forever consequences.  What she should have been was completely off limits being Anne’s younger sister.

So this story is about Ben coming to realize that Lizzy is what he needs.  And while she is quite young, she is needs him too.  Nobody thinks Ben is capable of staying with just one woman.  He’s usually with several and won’t stop partying.  He considers himself to be the one that is holding the band together.  They do try to make it work.  And what they find is things they didn’t know they needed.

In the end, they have a beautiful baby boy.  

Jimmy and Lena have twins too!!!

I will admit that Kylie Scott is a talented storyteller.  She can definitely weave the different characters, with complex personalities with ease.  But I did find that the characters to be more 2-dimensional then 3-dimensional.  While they were complex and interesting, she didn’t dig really deep into the issues that each character brought out.  I would’ve also liked to read less sex and more story, but all-in-all a story worth reading.

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