Hot Blooded – An Anthology

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Short stories by Christine Feehan, Maggie Shayne, Emma Holly and Angela Knight

Short stories are a favorite of mine, especially if they are centered around Christmas.

Dark Hunger by Christine Feehan

Dark Hunger is a short story by Christine Feehan.  It fits in the Dark Series as book 14. 

This story is the beginning of having the Carpathians connected to the Jaguar race.  

Juliette Sangria is a jaguar.  She’s also an animal activist.  She, her sister, Jasmine (book 18) and her cousin, Solange (book 21) have been using their unique skills as jaguars to free animals that have been taken captive deep in the Amazon forest!

And it’s while she is freeing some animals that she comes across a man that is tied up and is being drained of blood.  As she frees him, he drinks from her and he knows that she is his lifemate.

So true to the Dark Series, he basically kidnaps her and must convince her that he is honorable and worthy of her love!

This man is Riordan De La Cruz.  This story is the beginning of the De La Cruz brothers.

This story is typical of all the rest in this series.  Follows the same plot line.  Guy notices girl.  Guy must convince her he’s awesome.  Then they have to forge the bond that’s growing between them.

What’s nice is that in this one, Riordan joins her in the cause of saving the animals.  

And that’s how the Carpathians are joined with the jaguar race now!

Check out the entire Dark Series here to see how this book fits within the whole!!

Awaiting Moonrise by Maggie Shayne

Awaiting Moonrise is a stand-alone book by Maggie Shayne.  She is an author that dabbles in paranormal, contemporary and even romantic suspense!!

Check out the page of hers that has Hot Blooded on it!  It’s located more than half way down the page!

This story is a short story about Jenny Rose and the gorgeous doctor Samuel La Roque.

Jenny, who is a science professor, has come to the steamy bayou wanting to do some research of the loup-garou.  She even encounters it and gets scratched by it.  

She heads to the local clinic and there she meets Dr. La Roque.  He’s handsome and hits on her.

Okay the story is kinda cheesy!!  But it’s just a simple story of girl meets boy. Finds out what he is and invariably falls in love with him.  Then she needs to do what it takes to save him.

Because it was a short story, it’s hard for really have complex development of characters, but it still was well-written.  The author did have some details in her scenes that you need to be aware of.

The Night Owl by Emma Holly

The Night Owl is a short story by Emma Holly. 

This story is about Mariann O’Faolain and Bastien Luce.

She is a small town pastry chef and he is one of the local hotties (with his cousin!!).  He also happens to be a vampire.  Oh not a vampire, an Upyr.  

And he knows that she is the one for him.  When she gets into an accident, he has no choice but to change her.  The rest of the story is her coming to terms that she is an Upyr.  And then her dealing with him and what he is.

So this story is only 77 pages long.  There are sexy details, too many for such a short story.

I had hoped that it was the beginning of a new series, but according to her site, it isn’t.  It’s a stand alone novel.

Seduction’s Gift by Angela Knight

Seduction’s Gift by Angela Knight was not what I expected.

This is Grace Morgan’s and John Lance’s story.

At first you think that this is going to be about cop and robbers type of story, but after you get past the first couple of chapters, the story dives into a whole other line.

This other line has to do with Lancelot and Arthor from Camelot.  The only thing is is that everyone’s a vampire.  And they have been living a long time, manipulating the humans to keep the planet alive! 

It was a lot of extra information.  Like how the men were vampires and the women were witches (called Magae).  And how some true-bond together.

Apparently Grace is a dormant witch and her grandmother wants her Gifted. So she sent Lance to make her Gifted!  And the make it happen, they have to have hot, steamy sex – several times.

I will admit that it seemed like an interesting concept.  But there was way too much information for a short story.  This would have been better done in a full length novel.

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