Going Gone

Originally Published: 09-04-2017

Going Gone is the third and final installment of the Forces of Nature Series by Sharon Sala.

Book Summary

This series is about the FBI team that is investigating the Stormchaser killer.  By now they know his name and more about why he’s doing it but they haven’t caught him yet.

The agents are Tate BentonWade Luckett, and Cameron Winger.

And yes, it helps if you read book 1, and book 2 before reading this book.  It helps to understand what has been happening and why.

Book 3 is about Cameron Winger.  And about Laura Doyle.

While she was not a part of the FBI team, she was a part of the first responds teams that helped out.

Laura and Cameron are already together when the story begins.

And when they announce their engagement, Laura becomes to the attention of the killer.  The Stormchaser is still lose and is now after Laura.  

And he’s leaving clues for them.  Dead body clues! 🙁

This third book does finish off the plot line.  And yes, the bad guy does get caught!!

But there is so much action and interesting things that happen that you need to read it to believe it.

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