Dark Carousel

Originally Published: 12-05-2019

Book Summary

Dark Carousel is the 30th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

I would also call this book the 2nd book within another small series within this book series.

When you read book 27, Dark Crime, you meet Maksim and Blaze.  You also meet his friend Tariq.  During that book, four children were saved from Vadim and his lesser vampires along with Blaze’s best friend Emeline.

And then in book 29, Dark Promises, there are several ancient Carpathians, some from the monastery and then some new characters for us to get to know.

So in this story, there are several brand new characters that add richly to the story and to the plotline.

The ancient warriors are Val, Siv and Dragonmire.  They are even more ancient then the triplets, Tomas, Mataias and Logos.

But all together they help protect Charlotte and Genevieve.  Charlotte is lifemates to Tariq.

And they are the main characters of this book.

In this book, you also get some insight into the Malinov brothers again.  By this time there are only two brothers left, Vadim and Sergey.  They are just as viscous as the others.  And they are amassing an army of not only lesser vampires but also recruiting psychic men to help them do their bidding.

You will find that this plotline started in Dark Crime.  Vadim came to San Diego instead of staying in the Carpathian Mountains to avoid being close to any of the other Carpathians.

And of course, he’s come up with a plan and he’s been converting and recruiting others to help him.

And the plot continues to this book and then to book 31, Dark Legacy.

This story starts out with us learning about Charlotte and her best friend Genevieve.  They’ve come back to San Diego to take care of Charlotte’s young niece, Lourdes as her brother was killed.

What she doesn’t know is that she’s a part of this elaborate scheme to find a capture her, Genevieve and Emeline.

Vadim wants powerful psychic women to bear him children.  In this story, they thwart his plans in a huge way.

And they are drawn to Tariq’s nightclubs.  Charlotte and Genevieve have three men that have been following them from Paris where they met and they were working.

Now in San Diego, they need to find out more.  So they come out of hiding and run into Tariq and Maksim and all his friends as well.

Tariq knows Charlotte’s his lifemate as soon as she speaks, but then he must convince her to accept him protection.

And that’s when the Vadim’s plan starts to come to light.

Because Charlotte has the ability to “see” the past when she touches things, they find out more about Vadim’s plans.  But she gets a splinter in her that is a part of Vadim.  This enables him to be able to see and speak to her in her mind.

So even though a lot of bad things happen, they do put a huge dent into Vadim’s plans.

This book is filled with details that let us know that there are going to be several more books to come in this series.

Just by knowing who the characters are you can know that their story isn’t over.  And you know that they just might get their own book.

At the beginning of the story, there were three men who were following Charlotte and Genevieve.  By the end of the story, they have chosen to stay and be trained by Tariq’s guard.

There are two men that were taken by Vadim and forced to become a part of his army.  But they didn’t want to, so they helped that not both Emeline and Liv were not taken.  They chose to become a part of Tariq’s family.

All four of the children that Tariq took into his care are psychic in some way.  Genevieve is psychic as well.  They think Lourdes might be too.  

Not to mention all the hunters that are helping Tariq protect these children.  All of these characters will need their own stories at some point.

We find out that one of the hunters, Val (who held captive for many years) and with the help of Blaze and Maksim, he was freed.  He knows that he’s lifemates for one of the children.  So til Liv is of age, she’ll have another protector.

With the help of the ancient warriors, they are able to get the splinters out of Charlotte, the two men and off the carousel horses, thereby breaking the curse that was on them.

And now Charlotte and Tariq become the parents to this small group of children that all can become Carpathians and potential lifemates to others.

So you can see that a whole ton of things happen within this one book.  And I can’t do this one justice in being to share all that happens.

You will find that this book leads right into the next one.  Book 31, Dark Legacy is about Emeline and one of the ancient warriors, Dragomire.

So check it out!!!

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