Author Debbie Macomber

Originally Published: 07-13-2017

About the Author

Romance Author Debbie Macomber could be called both a classic and a contemporary author.  She has well written stories that are engaging and fun.  

I love it when I make the connection to an author that I have been following for a long time.  Author Debbie Macomber is one of them.  She writes truly inspiring romances that really stick with long after you have finished.  She even has had several of her books turned into movies by Hallmark.  I love romance movies and I have seen several of hers!!  

She doesn’t ever have many sexual details in her stories.  She is able to make her stories interesting without them.  I enjoy that.

Take a look at her site, it’s an awesome site, well organized and branded.  And from a copywriter’s point of view, a true example to follow.  So thanks Debbie.    Check it out! 

She has a ton of books on her site.  And I’ve only read a small handful of them.

The Dakota Series

Orchard Valley Series

The Orchard Valley Series is a 4-book series that Debbie Macomber has put into 2 books.

Stand-Alone Books

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