Gables of Legacy Series

Originally Published: 09-01-2020

Book Details

The Gables of Legacy Series by Anita Stansfield is a 6 volume set that follows right after the Byrnehouse-Davies & Hamilton Series.  You could call this series a series within the other series.  But due to the fact that this series kinda sits on its own, it gets its own book series page.

Book Series Summary

The majority of this book series has to do with Jess Hamilton and Tamra Banks.  If you’ve read the small trilogy (First Love and Forever, First Love Second Chances, Now and Forever), you’ll know that Jess is one of the sons of Emily and Michael Hamilton.  

And now he gets his own story.  And the majority of this series is actually about Jess and Tamra.

Volume 1, The Guardian, is where we’re introduced to Jess all over again and to Tamra Banks.  It’s years later, according to the timeline and Tamra has come to Australia to live with the Hamiltons.  What she realizes when she gets there, is that Jess has come home too.  And he’s hurt and broken and struggling.  But as love blossoms between them, she just might become his guardian.

Volume 2, A Guiding Star, has Jess and Tamra heading back to the States to confront her mother and all the issues that she has with her.

Volume 3, The Silver Linings, is where Jess and Tamra finally get married and embark on a life together.  And even though they’ve gotten married doesn’t mean that the trials and tribulations are over.

Volume 4, The Eternal Bond, explores the gamut of emotions that happen when a loved one dies and what it takes to fill a pair of shoes that are impossible to fill.

Volume 5, The Miracle, shares Emma’s story.  As Jess’ sister, she’s come home from her mission due to health issues, and has to face the struggles and trials that that brings.

Volume 6, Full Circle, is about Emily Hamilton again.  This time, her beloved Michael has passed on, and she’s ready to find love again and to not be alone.  

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