Orchard Valley Grooms

Originally Published: 09-01-2017

Book Details

Orchard Valley Grooms is the 1st book in the 2-book Orchard Valley Series.    Orchard Valley Brides is the 2nd book.

This is the 2017 reissue book cover.

This actually has 2 stories in it.

This series is about a family of 3 girls.  Valerie, Stephanie and Norah Bloomfield.  And their father, David. 


This story starts out with Valerie racing home to see her father.  He’s had a heart attack and is the hospital.  Not only does he have the complications that can happen with surgery, David has no will to live.  And he has to go for major surgery.

This is where it gets interesting.  

David wakes from surgery to tell his girls that he has had a wonderful visit with their dead mother, Grace. 

He goes on to tell his them that he has seen all of them married and happy with children, all within a very short period of time.

At first each of the girls are a skeptical about what their dad has told them. 

But since he is now thriving, they chalk it up to him missing their mother.

So this first story is about Valerie.

She comes home to Orchard Valley, taking a leave from her job in Houston.

There she meets David’s doctor, a renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Colby Winston.

David had told not only his doctor but also Valerie that they would end up together and they would have 3 kids.

Both are a little flummoxed.  As they get to know each other, they find they have nothing in common and both want different things.  

That doesn’t seem to matter though, they fall in love anyway.  

So the story is them thinking they can’t figuring it out and then realizing that they WILL figure it out because they love each other.


The 2nd story in this book is about Stephanie.  

This story does things a bit different.  This 2nd story is from Stephanie’s perspective.  

There is an overlap of story line from the time that she arrived home until she makes amends with Charles.  Debbie Macomber does a good job of being able to see both sides!

So Stephanie was gallivanting across Rome, trying to escape her memories.

Now she’s back and her father is on the mend.

But her heart is not.  She left Orchard Valley because of what had happened with Charles Tomoselli.  He is a journalist for the local paper and ends up buying the paper.  She had loved him for so long, even tried to “catch” him.  She was rejected and it devastated her.  So she took off.

Of course they mend things and then live happily ever after.  It’s actually kinda cheezy!!  But still a fun, easy read!

And you have to read Orchard Valley Brides to find out what happens with Norah, the youngest sister.

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