Dark Sentinel

Originally Published: 12-05-2019

Dark Sentinel is the 32nd book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This is Andor Katona’s and Lorraine Peter’s story.

He’s one of the ancient warriors that took refuge in the monastery for many centuries.

Now, while he’s come to the Tariq’s compound, he’s tired of it all and when he’s attacked by some idiot human vampire hunters, he doesn’t put up much of a fight.

That is until his lifemate comes to his rescue!  Now just if she’ll not run away!

Book Details

This story is classified as a vampire paranormal romance as well as a dark fantasy horror fiction.

Needless to say, this story, and this series, is not for the casual reader.  This series, and this book are only going to appeal to the dedicated reader.

The dark side of this story goes right along with the violence that’s in each novel.  This whole series has similar scenes.  Including this one.  Scenes where they fight evil vampires and have to destroy them.

And because Christine Feehan is an expert at imagery in her writing, you feel right along with the characters what’s happening to them.

And that includes all the bad and the good!

Each book takes on a different couple that become the main characters.  And in this one, it’s Andor and Lorraine.

He’s an ancient that was in the monastery for centuries in order to be able hold back the darkness.  He only came out when one of his “brothers” found his lifemate when she came to the monastery.

The stories about the ancients from the monastery start in Dark Ghost, book 28.

You’ll find that there are several sexy scenes and yes, they are very detailed.  The author has chosen to make her scenes to be much more detailed than in the beginning.

Due to the amazing imagery that the author is able to do, each scene can last several chapters and from several different POVs.  

This story follows the past books in style and format and the storyline is definitely repeatable.

She writes this story in third person narrative, with the POV changing from character to character.  And as Feehan is a master storyteller, she’s able to keep the POV accurate and consistent.

As a feature of this author, you’ll find this book first available in hardcover and than eventually in softcover paperback.

This is not a short story.  The hardcover is almost 400pages.  And it’s not an easy read.  You need to spend time and attention to the characters to keep up on what’s happening!!

You’ll find that most of the ancients from the monastery play a part in this story as Andor is gravely injured. So Ferro, Sandu, as well as Gary Daratrazanoff (he was the human scientist changed to Carpathian!!) play a role in this story.

Book Summary

This is Andor’s story.

You first meet him in Dark Ghost, book 28 and Dark Promises, book 29.

He obviously takes a step back in those books and finally gets his own story in this book!!

And by this time in the story, he’s at his end.  He’s tired of feeling nothing and living in a world of gray.

So when he encounters not one, not two, but seven vampires, he basically gives up.  And when three vampire hunters get the better of him, he decides to let them have him.

That is until she comes to his rescue.

And she comes with a saucepot!!

Lorraine Peters is in the mountains trying to find peace.  Trying to find the answers that will calm her soul and give her back a modicum of life.

You see, Lorraine has just lost everything.  Her brother, her wonderful older brother, has taken his own life after he killed her parents and several others.

Because she’s been ostracized by everyone, lost everything else, she decided to go camping to find something.

And when she hears someone trying to kill another, she basically loses it.

With a saucepan, she faces the three hunters with anger and skill.

And when he hears her voice, he knows she’s his lifemate.  And now he has something to live for.

But he’s gravely injured and needs help to heal.

So the first several chapters is when several others come to his aide to help and heal him, all the while being in this meadow in the middle of nowhere!

He needs to be able to travel and that takes time to heal him.

They then have to fight off even more vampires and a master vampire and try to solve why Lorraine is so important to Sergey.

They go to the compound where Tariq and his lifemate Charlotte live with the small children.  If you’ve read books 28, 29, 30 and 31, you’ll know who these people are and the compound that has been build for the Carpathians that live in this part of the US.

The rest of the story is about them really getting to know each other and coming to a compromise between them as they become a couple.

It’s also about all of them trying to solve what Sergey is up and try to figure out his end game.  And there’s a whole lot more to the story where that comes into play.

Yes, this story does end with Andor and Lorraine being a full Carpathian couple.  Yes, there’s a focus on the sexual side to that as well.

But it’s also a lead on to the next story as well.  Take a look at book 33, Dark Illusion where we find out Isai’s story.


I found this story to be a repeat of the past stories.  It really followed the same pattern in storyline and thought as several the others.

I did enjoy it but I also didn’t.

There’s one exciting scene where they figure out what Sergey put into Lorraine and why and find the thing and capture it that keeps you on the edge of your toes.

But the majority of the story drags on until you get to the end.  The ending is much more exciting then the rest of the story.  And it did leave it open ended so that we know that there are several more books to come for this series.

The next book is Isai’s story.

But in the end of this book, we find out that Ferro’s found his lifemate and she’s been severely traumatized that she’s been in the ground for awhile.

So needless to say, I’ll still find the next book, and the next to find out each of the ancient’s stories!!

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