Against the Tide

Originally Published: 03-10-2018

Book Summary

Against the Tide is the 3rd book in the Brodies of Alaska Series by Kat Martin.

This book is about the last and oldest brother, Rafe Brodie.

This book is also about Olivia Chandler.

While this is the 3rd book in this series, the brothers don’t play a big part in this story.  

Rafe is the owner/operator to a charter fishing company in Valdez Alaska.

Olivia Chandler bought the small cafe, the Pelican Cafe, right in Valdez.

They have been avoiding each other until a mutual friend is killed and they both want to see justice served.

So they team up to try to find clues that will help the local law enforcement solve this senseless murder.

And it’s while they are solving this murder that they get to know each other and find that they have a mutual, combustable attraction for each other.

She had been avoiding him because she can’t afford to be found.  You find out that she is running from a crime she didn’t commit.  But because of the injustice of Scotty getting killed, she can’t just stand by and do nothing.  She has to help.

As they get to know each other, they find out clues that lead them to a terrorist group that is wanting to wreak havoc in Valdez by blowing up a pipeline that could cause horrible destruction.

So throughout the story, they are investigating any and every clue they come across to find Scotty’s killer.  When they stumble on this group, they do all sorts of surveillance and questioning of people that might have an idea.  

They draw the attention of this group and then things start to heat up.

So the storyline is intense and interesting.  It’s complex and captivating.  And it keeps you turning pages until you are done.  

There are several sexy scenes that you need to watch out for.  They do have some details in them, but you can skip them and not miss any of the plotline if that’s what you do.

The storyline has more than one problem that needs to be solved, but only is solved in the plotline.  The others are solved in the background, events that happen outside the story.  

Please know that everything is solved and they live happily ever after, but not everything is in the storyline.

Don’t forget to read the other books in this series to know about the brothers.  This whole series is an entertaining and interesting reads that you can enjoy again and again.

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