Blood Assassin

Last Published: 08-07-2018

Blood Assassin by Alexandra Ivy is the 2nd book in the Sentinels Series.

This series is about a group of people that have paranormal abilities.

This is Fane’s story.

For years he’s been in love with Serra Vetrov.  He’s never allowed himself to explore those feelings as he’s been Callie’s guardian for many years.

Now that he’s no longer Callie’s guardian, he’s feeling a little twitchy!!  He knows that he needs to leave.

But when he hears that Serra left the Valhalla compound and is in danger, he immediately follows her.

Serra’s a psychic with extra-ordinary abilities.  She can get into just about anyone’s head, except for Fane’s.

As a Sentinel, Fane is protected by the head-to-toe tattoos that cover his body to protect him.

But underneath all those tattoos, he’s just a man who loves a woman, and he will do just about anything to keep her safe.

And when he finds out that she’s been fed a poisonous toxin, he’ll do anything to protect her.  

She was lured from the safety of Valhalla by a rogue high-blood, by the name of Bas, who needs her skills to find his daughter.  And within that spell to lure her to Bas, the toxin was mixed in.

His daughter Molly was kidnapped by a vengeful high-blood that wanted another dangerous high-blood that has the ability to destroy.

Fane and Serra work together to find who could be the one that kidnapped his daughter.  And while they are investigating, they give in to the intense feelings that they have for each other.

And that includes sexy scenes that do have details, enough to be cautious when reading.

Now Bas is an interesting character.  And he happens to be the main character of book 3, Blood Lust.  He’s a high-blood that went rogue, a powerful witch that sells his services to the highest bidder.

But when his daughter was kidnapped, all bets are off.  And you see a different side of him.  Check out his story in book 3!!

Of course, the find little Molly and rescue her.  And they declare their love for each other along the way, so that at the end, he’s devoted completely to her.

The story is well-written with a compelling plotline and interesting characters.  Definitely enough to make you want to go and find Blood Lust to find out what’s happened to Bas!! 

So don’t forget to check out the book details for book 3, Blood Lust.

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