The Dragonfire Series

Originally Published: 10-24-2020

Book Series Summary

The Dragonfire Series is quite complex.  Author Deborah Cooke has tons of detail that you have remember about each of the dragons/men.  

To really enjoy these stories, reading the whole book series helps to understand the over-riding story line.  The story builds with each book, so you may not understand the background plot line if you start in book 6.  

Yet each book can stand on its own.  Each book is about a key set of characters in the race to save humanity.

Each of the Dragons are called Pyr.  They are the good guys.  

The Slayers are the dragons that have chosen to go bad.  When one is killed, you know if they are bad or good by the color of their blood – red is good, black is bad.  The background plot starts long before the books do.  

These books have prophesies and magic and strong emotion all mixed in.  It’s a wonderful mix.

Each of the men have to go through their own firestorm.  The firestorm is when the Pyr meets their destined mate and the sparks start to fly, literally.

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They must then choose to sate the firestorm or not.  They must consummate the firestorm and hopefully have a child.  The women are all modern women that don’t want domineering, controlling men.  So the story-lines all take fun twists as they figure out how to be together.

According to the storyline, the first three firestorms are essential to the survival of both the human race and the Pyr.

Book 1, Kiss of Fire, is the story of the Smith and the Seer.  Not only does Erik have to convince Quinn that the Pyr are not the enemy, he must also convince him to fight for the firestorm instead of against it.

In book 2, Kiss of Fury, brings us Donovan Shea and Alex Madison.  He is the Warrior and she is the Wizard.  And together they help both humans and Pyr to heal the earth.

Book 3, Kiss of Fate, is where Erik finally gets his firestorm.  And it happens to be with his previous mate, Eileeen.  A captivating storyline.  They are the King and Consort!!

Book 4, Winter Kiss, tells the tale of Delaney Shea and Ginger Sinclair.  But it also continues the storyline for each of the previous characters.

Book 5, Whisper Kiss, is about Niall Talbot and the talented tattoo artist Rox.

Book 6, Darkfire Kiss, is where Rafferty finally gets his own firestorm.

Book 6.5, Harmonia’s Kiss, is a novella that is an add in about the Dragon Tooth Warriors.  Not really a big part of the overall plot line.  Still enjoyable though.

Book 7, Flashfire, is about the famous magician Lorenzo and the photographer sent to capture him, Cassie Redmond.

Book 8, Ember’s Kiss, is about Brandon Merrick and Liz Barrett.

Book 9, The Dragon Legion Collection is three short and sweet novellas that are about the Dragon Tooth Warriors and what happened to them.

Book 10, Serpent’s Kiss, is where Thorolf and Chandra must work together to defeat the Slayers while sating the firestorm!!

Book 11, Firestorm Forever, is the final book to finish off this series.  Sloane is the doctor of the group and it is up to him and Samantha Wilcox to heal the earth while defeating the Slayers once and for all.

Click on the book covers to see the #bookdetails for each book!  If it doesn’t have a link, I haven’t read it yet!!

Whisper Kiss


Ember’s Kiss

Serpent’s Kiss

Firestorm Forever

Cast of Characters

List of Dragons

Each of the men turn into dragons. But each is a different color(s).

Wyvern – She is white like spun glass or carved in crystal and very beautiful.  She is the only female Pyr.


Donovan – he is the Warrior, dragon is copper and emerald.

Quinn – he is the Smith, dragon is blue and silver, also called sapphire and steel, he can absorb dragonfire.

Erik – he is the leader or King of the Pyr.  His dragon is onyx and pewter.

Sloane – resident Apothercary.  His dragon is tourmaline and gold.

Rafferty – He can sing to the earth, hears her distress, can cause things to happen in the earth.  His dragon is opal and gold.

Niall – He sings the song of the wind.  His dragon is amethyst and platinum.

Delaney – His dragon is emerald green and copper.  He is brother to Donovan.

Nikolas – first Dragon Tooth Warrior.  His dragon is anthracite and iron.

There are several different Dragon Tooth Warriors that you meet.  Check out the Dragon Legion Collection page to see more!

List of Slayers

Ambrose – his dragon is golden and jade.  He had taken Quinn under his wing and shown him how to be the Smith, just to destroy him.  Ambrose is killed by Quinn in Kiss of Fire.

Boris Vassily – his dragon is garnet red with bronze wings.  Him and Erik fight at the end of Kiss of Fury, Erik defeating Boris.  Only to have Boris survive due to the Dragon’s Blood Elixir and fight again in book 3.

Magnus – his dragon is malachite green and silver.  He is one of the leaders of the Slayers.  He and Boris have been working together to create an army of Slayers.

Sigmund Guthrie – Erik’s son from his first firestorm.  He has turned Slayer against his father.  He was the one to write the book about how to kill dragons.

Jorge – another Slayer that does grunt work for Magnus and Boris.  His dragon is amber with talons of silver and ornate.

Tyson – another grunt Slayer who turns into a topaz yellow dragon.

Mallory – another grunt Slayer

Balthasar – another grunt Slayer

Please know that this list is nowhere complete.  

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