Kiss of the Spindle

Last Published: 11-16-2020

Kiss of the Spindle is the 2nd book in the Steampunk Proper Romance Series by Nancy Campbell Allan.  This is another fun spinoff of a fairytale story!

Book Details

This book is the 2nd book in a 4-book series!!

By reading the book series name, you can know that several things about this book. 

Steampunk is a mix of fun robot type of electronics with the regency era customs and ideas.  So we enjoy flying machines and animated robots that are very lifelike!!

You’ll find that while these characters are connected to the characters from the first book, those characters don’t play any roll in this story at all.

With the word “proper” in the series name, you can know that this book DOESNOT have any sexual details whatsoever.  So it’s a clean and wholesome romance with all the sensual details completely behind closed doors.

Kiss of the Spindle by Nancy Campbell Allen
Book 1

The timeframe for this romance is the regency era, very historical.  Based in London back in the 18th century.  This one also takes us to Port Lucy, a neighboring city.

Steampunk is interesting.  It’s filled with mechanical parts attached to the main characters and characters that are actually automated robots.  But you also read about vampires and werewolves, they’re predatory shifters that are either good or bad.  It’s such an interesting genre!!

Please know that this is still a romance with a hero and heroine that must work together to solve something.

And in this case, they have this era’s customs and mannerisms to deal with along with the romance, which also matches this era!!

And this one is a fun spin on the sleeping beauty and the spindle that pricked her finger story.  Isla was cursed with a spell that makes her sleep like the dead from midnight to 6am no matter what.  She must find a cure for the curse or she could be dead for good!

Book Summary

Isla Cooper is a doctor of psychology, basically a shrink for predatory creatures.  Fun huh!!!

But she’s been cursed to sleep like the dead and must find a cure in order be able to continue her job and actually have a life.

In order to find the witch that cast the spell, she needs to get to Port Lucy, a small port town.  She bullies her way onto an airship, after seeing the captain heft barrels.  She knows he been enhanced and he uses that against him to get onto his airship.

Captain Daniel Pickett owns a fleet of airships that transports supplies and passengers. He’s also known for helping shifters that need to escape London.

And on this particular voyage, not only does he have some shifters aboard, but now he has Dr. Cooper and Nigel Crow, a PSRC agent bent on eradicating the world of all shifters!!

And they’re stuck on this airship for several weeks together to get to Port Lucy!  And this allows them all to not only get to know each other but Daniel and Isla to fall for each other!

And because this is a proper romance, there’s only a kiss or two that happens.  And because of this genre, you know that the characters do not take their relationship to the next level without the benefit of marriage.  There’s no untoward conduct!!

They spend time on the airship, they all get to know each other: Daniel, Isla, Nigel and the three shifter men, along with the “tons” that help Captain Pickett to run the ship!!

After they reach Port Lucy that’s when the excitement jumps a few levels.

We find out just how wealthy Daniel Pickett is and what he owns!!  We find out that Nigel is even more intricately involved then previously thought.  We see the three shifters, names, all work together to help Isla find a cure and face the evil that they all face!!

And the majority of what happens is a complete surprise.  And the author has put major thought into the characters and the plotline and the excitement that happens along the way.

And yet it still follows the sleeping beauty who has be awoken with a lover’s kiss type of story.  It just happens an engaging and utterly entertaining way!!  

Needless to say, it’s a complex plot line with many twists and turns that you don’t really expect.  

All the while being wrapped up in an old English era with fun automated characters and ideas.  


I enjoyed this story immensely!  Yes, I did find the automated characters to be a bit out there in unrealistic, but for this fantastical story, it was so fun to read!

The story was engaging and so interesting. You’re pulled from scene to the next and from one issue to another as they battle to find a cure and release Isla from the spell that was cast on her.  

You’ll also find that the story does end.  There’s no cliffhanger and all the plot points of the story are gathered up and closed.  And there’s even a little bit of “what happened after” type of thing as well.

I found this book in an audiobook.  It was enjoyable to listen to an English book with an English narrator!!  That made the story so much more interesting and compelling!

Check out Hazel’s story in the next book when she meets up with Sam MacInnes again!! Book 3, The Lady in the Coppergate Tower!

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