How Forever Feels

Originally Published: 7-11-2020

How Forever Feels is the 4th and final book in the 4-series, Friends First Series, by Laura Drewry.

This is a contemporary romance that has all the characters as friends first before they become lovers!!

Book Details

While this contemporary romance has all the feel of a friends first romance, it also feels like a “the one that got away” as well.

This book is about Maya McKay and Jack Rhodes.

Maya is the last of this small group of girlfriends that have been meeting regularly to find the man that holds her heart.

Jack is an old friend of Maya’s that shows up as a new character.

This book is an example of how the author can bring a whole brand new character to join the cast.

And that is what Jack is.

Jack was Maya’s ex-husband’s best man.  And for the whole series Maya has been bad-mouthing her ex for the horrible person that he was.

This series was originally published 2015 and in 2019 she reissued with new book covers.

This story has the same feel as the first 3 books in the series and it finishes up and closes the storylines by the end.

Please note that Jack calls Maya “Snip” for “Snippet” throughout the story as he’s quite tall and Maya is short!!

Book Summary

For the whole series, Maya has been bad-mouthing men and called her ex Dickhead.  In book 1, there’s a scene where Maya gets Jayne to help her destroy her house after she finds out about Will’s cheating.  And it’s not just a little destroyed.  She breaks the tv, uses all the dishes as target practice and leaves the house in shambles. 

And it’s these issues that she has that become part of this storyline.

But when Jack shows up, that’s when things get weirder and fun.

You see, Jack was her Will’s best friend and he was also adopted into his family when he was a kid.  And because he always felt that he owed his family an unrepayable debt that he had to side with Will in Will’s and Maya’s divorce.

But in reality, Jack has been in love with Maya since the beginning and has never acted on his feelings because Will got to her first.  

And he spends the majority of the story thinking that he can’t act on his feelings because of that.

As they start spending time together both of them realize they have strong feelings for each other and finally decide to act on them.

And then that causes a whole slue of issues too.

And they dance around each other for several chapters before they decide to just give their relationship a try.

But before they dive into a relationship, Jack tells her what happened to him as a youth and the foster homes that he was in.  And how Will’s mom and dad saved him, literally!

And how that loyalty is a part of him and how it affects him.

A bunch of things happen that cause Jack to do some soul searching and he makes some tough decisions but in the end he decides that he so in love with Maya that he can’t life without her.

And so they embark together.  And that includes a sexy scene that has too many details.

And in true romance book fashion, she finds out some details about Jack that leaves her feeling betrayed and upset.  And it takes Will, of all people, to get her to see the light!!

And then the story does end happy with Jack and Maya figuring things out and getting back together, just like every other romance story out there.


I did enjoy this story.  I liked the dynamics between Jack and Maya.  They had a ton to deal with, like the fact that Will was his best friend and he was also her ex-husband.  And that he would always feel torn between the woman that held his heart and the family that saved him.

The characters do drag things out, like they’re supposed to, but still, it gets a bit annoying after awhile.

I did like how the characters were well-developed and in a plot that was actually thought out and planned.  It was nice to read.

There’s also a fun epilogue that “ended” things for us readers. I liked that!

All in all, it’s an enjoyable and entertaining story.  Totally worth reading!!

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