Dark Legacy

Originally Published: 12-05-2019

Book Summary

Dark Legacy is the 31st book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This is Emeline Sanchez’s story.

Emelin’s story began in Dark Crime, when her and Blaze went into the tunnels to rescue the children.  She knew that her life would forever be changed.

She was forced to exchange blood with Vadim, the evil vampire.  He also did something to her.

So she’s plagued with terrible thoughts and horrible nightmares that are affecting her in every way.

And she refuses help even though she’s become close to not only Blaze, but Charlotte and Genevieve as well.  She also would protect the children with her life.

But she’s wasting away right before their eyes.

During a tremendous battle right at the beginning of the story, you find out several things.

Liv opened the safeguards with her new Carpathian skills.  But she was being influenced by another.  And when you find out who, you’re shocked.

Dragomir hears Emeline for the first time and while he’s distracted for a second, he then steps in to help as he’s the only one there to aid the children.

Vadim almost gets his hands on Emeline again.  But because of the amazing skills of Dragomir, he doesn’t get her.

This battle takes place in the first two chapters of the book and the timeframe was maybe five minutes!!  Christine Feehan is a master storyteller.

Emeline doesn’t believe that Dragomir is her lifemate because she’s been convinced that she’s Vadim’s.  And she’s convinced because when she was down in the tunnels, Vadim impregnated her.  

To thwart his plans, Emeline had the presence of mind to change the sex of the baby from male to female.

This story is filled with so many details.  You have to pay attention to get them all.

Instead of rejecting Emeline, Dragomir accepts them both in a tender scene that shows Emeline that her and the baby can and will be loved and accepted.

He also knows that he needs help from men that he can trust.

So he calls in his friends that were with him at the monastery.  They formed a brotherhood and would stick together no matter what.  And with the fact that she’s carrying a child that is a Malinov, there could be many that will reject and shun her.

Sandu, Ferro, and Andor show up right away.  They aid Dragomir with their blood as well as their skills.  These particular men are considerably older than Tariq, Maksim or the Malinov brothers or even the prince.  They were around when Xavier’s father, Alycrome, was alive and they learned from him.

That makes it that they have different skills and abilities that many of the others were taught.

The one skill of removing the splinter (also called sliver) from a person.  These ancient warriors knew that they could remove it and they knew how to do it.  You find this out in Dark Carousel.

So Christine Feehan has added another whole dimension to her books.  Thus enabling her to be able to add to this series without any trouble.  So who knows how many books will be in this series.  Or when it will be finished, if at all.

Book 32, Dark Sentinel, comes out in Sept 2018.  And as of this year, that’s the latest book for this series.  That’s when Andor gets his story!

But back to the story….

There are several chapters where there is peace among the group allowing Dragomir and Emeline to become one together.  And yes, that includes sexy scenes that have way too many details in them.  They are skippable though!

All throughout this story, the Carpathians know that Vadim is up to something, something more than they realize.  Dragomir is the one that at the center of all of it as Emeline is his lifemate.

But the children are also a part of the plan.  Vadim uses Amelia, putting a sliver (splinter) of himself into her so he can command her to do nasty and evil things to whomever he chooses.

You will also find that Tariq is a powerful enemy to Vadim.

Another battle takes place with Vadim trying to kill Dragomir thru Amelia.

And while they are able to save Amelia and get the sliver out of her, she no longer wants to live.  The shame of what she has done is too much for her.  It takes Emeline talking to her while sharing their experiences at the hands of Vadim to bring her back.

You will also find that this book is the one that alters the organization of the Carpathians that live in the United States.

Since Tariq came to the States (long before Dark Crime), instead of hiding away as some did, he integrated with humans, amassed a fortune, built a compound, welcomed many of their warriors and opened businesses that enabled him to keep everything in operation.  He even employed a human security team that watched them during the day.

And because of this, when they sent word to Mikhail all that was happening, Mikhail sent back Gary.  Gary is now a Daratrazanoff.  He’s also a powerful healer for their people because he was converted by Gregori and was accepted into their bloodline.

And he’s now Tariq’s second in command.  Mikhail wants Tariq to be the appointed leader in the United States.  That puts Maksim as Tariq’s other protector just like Jacques is to Mikhail.

So now, Christine Feehan can write a dozen more books that we can read and enjoy!!  This opens up the plotline to having many more come to light!!

But the story doesn’t end there.

Emeline is a precog.  She’s been having dreams her entire life of a maze of underground cities, tunnels, passageways, and places that gave her somewhat of a childhood.

But it also showed what Vadim wanted from Emeline and why he stayed in the area.

Beneath the streets of San Diego, there’s another world that Vadim has been using to get all over the place.  It connected to the lake that bordered the compound that Tariq built and it connected with the underground city that both Emeline and Liv had been taken to.

And while Emeline didn’t know the significance of this until she became Carpathian, she did know that Vadim was evil.  She still mapped out the entire thing enabling the Carpathians to get a leg up in the battle with the vampires.

But what they find within that underground city rocks their world.

Sorry, I have to give spoilers!!

They find out that Sergey has been working behind Vadim’s back and amassing his own army.  He’s the true enemy.

He also had a Carpathian woman as his prisoner for centuries.  Elisabeta has the ability to restore emotions when around her.  This enabled Sergey to be different than his brothers and plan behind their backs.  And this leads us into more stories in this series.

Dragomir and Gary along with a young mage were able to free her.  But she will have many issues.  That is going to be an interesting story when she comes to light again.

There are many that come to Tariq’s compound for sanctuary but also to provide protection.  There are several warriors who are also a part of the brotherhood (like Dragomir) that choose to stay.  Andor, Sandu, Ferro, Benedik, Afanasiv, Nicu, Valentin, Petru and Isia.

But there’s other ancient warriors that help too.  Tomas, Lojos, Mataias, and Andre.  Don’t forget Gary!

So now Christine Feehan has a ton of new characters with which to weave new strories from.  And even though there’s only one Malinov brother left, I can see her coming up with another villain just to keep the series going!

Andor’s gets his story in Dark Sentinel, book 32, next in this series!

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