Next of Kin

Originally Published: 04-08-2018

Next of Kin is the 1st book in the Rebel Ridge Series.  It’s a great start to a great series.

Book Summary

This series is about the Walker family. There’s Ryal, Quinn and Meg.  

Ryal Walker loved Beth Venable when he was younger.  But she disappeared and that left his heart broken.  

10 years later, she witnesses a brutal murder and calls the police.  But the police can’t keep her safe.  So she calls the only ones that can help her.  She calls her family that live on Rebel Ridge. 

Her family on Rebel Ridge is an intermarried bunch that happens to include the love she left behind.  Ryal and Beth were high school sweethearts.

And Ryal is asked to help.  

As soon as she’s close to home, he plans to hide her in a remote location that the mob boss can’t find her in.

As they spend time hiding, they both realize that her disappearance was not because of their young love, but because of her parents.

As they mend each others heart, the mob boss sends in the worst.  

But what the mob boss didn’t anticipate was the very large family that lives on Rebel Ridge.  And it takes all of them to keep Beth safe.

And together they mend both of their broken hearts and come together again.  Coming together as adults ready for a full relationship.

So while they are hiding out on Rebel Ridge Mountain, they rekindle their relationship and even get engaged.  And of course,  that includes sexy scenes that happen.  There are several scenes and some have some details.  They don’t last long and can easily be skipped over with missing a thing.

It’s a beautiful story of loyalty, family, and coming together when family needs you the most.

I really enjoyed this book, even the whole series.  

This is the type of book that you can read again and again.  I know I have.  And I still get worked up when I read it!  Definitely worth checking out!

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