The Heart of Christmas

Originally Published: 12-09-2019

The Heart of Christmas is the 7th book in the Whiskey Creek Series by Brenda Novak.

This is where Eve Harmon finally gets her story.

If you remember her, she’s the one that was together with Ted in book 5 when they tried to make a go of a relationship.  Not realizing that Ted was still in love with Sophia and wanted to be with her.

Book Details

The Heart of Christmas is a full-length novel that fits right at Christmas time due the fact that Eve’s birthday is in December.

You’ll find there’s no cliff-hanger in this book, which is nice.

I think it’s call The Heart of Christmas because it’s Eve’s birthday and everything happens at Christmas.

This is contemporary romance as well as a holiday romance.  You’ll find that it’s based in modern times.

There’s no real violence in the story.  Nor is there any bad language to worry about.

The setting of the story is in the little town of Whiskey Creek.

2014 book cover

I found a different book cover in my collection for this book!  Fun huh!!

There’s no real details that you need to worry about.  The author alludes to the sex scenes instead of really giving details.

This is Eve’s story.  She’s the owner and operator of the Little Mary’s B&B in Whiskey Creek.

The story is not only about the romance between Eve and Rex but also about a long standing mystery of the B&B being haunted.

my own pic of the large print edition

This story is connected to Brenda Novak’s Inside, book 1 in her Bulletproof Trilogy.  This character has come from that storyline and has finally gotten his own story.

It must be fun to be an author to be able to put your characters where they want to be!!

This is not a difficult read with a complicated storyline or plot.  But it’s not a real easy read either.  I found it to be an in between read that has just enough complications but an easy to understand plot line that was enjoyable and interesting.

Book Summary

The story starts out with her having her 35th birthday.  And she’s an emotional wreck because of her age and the fact that she’s single and alone.

She gets drunk one night and comes home with a stranger.

She wakes to this stranger.

And while this stranger is HOT, she’s horribly embarrassed and ashamed at her behavior.  

And while he leaves, not to be seen of again, she doesn’t expect him to be a patron of her B&B.  That causes some interesting scenes.

He ends up staying in Whiskey Creek for a short time and they attempt to get to know each other.  But everything he tells her is a lie.

He can’t tell her who he really is because he’s basically in hiding.

But what he doesn’t count on is falling for her.

So the majority of the storyline is Eve trying to figure out who Rex is.  Why because he goes by Brent at first and then some other names have cropped up.

And not only is Rex trying to hide from some not very nice people, he’s also hiding from himself.

And of course, Eve calls him out on his behavior.

If you’ve been following this series, you know that Eve is a part of this close-knit group of people that are in each others lives.  And they’re to help each other and support each other.  So you see a few of the other characters that have had their story and some that haven’t.

And they all team up to help this Rex.  The people that are after him are from a notorious gang that wants him dead.  This band of friends come up with a plan to fake his death to give him a new lease life.

Oh, that first night they had unprotected sex and are now expecting a baby, just to make things more interesting!!

The story does end happy.

He chooses her over any other life he could have.  And that gives him the ability to be able to “die”.  His past is put to rest and he’s able to move forward with Eve.

And then the story leads us into the next book, book 8, This Heart of Mine, where Riley finally gets his story!!


I enjoyed this story.  It was fun to see all the names that this character actually ended up with.  And the plan they concoct is creative and interesting.

And you see how Eve and Lincoln (the name he finishes with) can heal from past mistakes and move onto a better life.

It’s a fun read.  Definitely worth reading!!

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