The Buckhorn Legacy aka Casey

Originally Published: 08-13-2020

The Buckhorn Legacy is the 5th book in the Buckhorn Brothers Series by Lori Foster.  This book is also called Casey, as the names of these books are the names of the men, the main characters of this series.

Book Details

As the 5th book in the series, this book actually takes place closer to 10 yrs after the first book (Sawyer).  In that book, Casey was a gangly teenager full of hormones and angst!

But as this book starts you’ll find that Casey’s all grown up and is trying to figure his own life out.

We get to see what’s been happening the lives of his father and uncles and the kids that have joined the family!

The book Casey was originally published in 2002 with this book cover!  Then in 2017, Foster reissued all of this series again with new covers, below!!

Why the change in name as well as cover for the 2012 reissue, I’m guessing was a marketing tactic.

Yes, there were several sex scenes in this story with too many details, but you can skip over them and not miss out in the plotline.

This story is very similar in writing style and such as the first 4 books in this series.  Foster does a good job of changing the POV and making it that we understand the difference.

Book Summary

This is Casey’s story.

If you remember, Casey is the young son to Sawyer long before Honey came along.

He was raised in an all male household with his uncles being the examples that he follows.

And part of that, is the success with the ladies just like his uncles.

This story has a prologue that shares a bit of Casey’s past and the one girl that he could never forget.

Emma Clark was the one girl that touched his heart even though she had a bad reputation and had tried everything to get him to take her to bed.

And she’s the one that came to him on a night that changed his life.

She came to him, broken and beaten and asked for his help only to disappear by morning.  That left him with a hole in his heart that he didn’t have before.

Then 8yrs later, she shows up again.

And this time, he’s determined to have her before she leaves again.  What he didn’t realize was that he would be giving his heart to her instead.

In the years in between, Casey had tried to work for Honey’s dad in his big corporation, but found that he didn’t like living so far from home.

So a chance encounter, very much a “meet cute”, Casey meets up with Emma again.

And it’s that encounter that gives him a new hope and and new direction.

Emma has come back to Buckhorn to take care of her father whose just had a stroke.  And to face some demons that she left behind.

As Casey and Emma get to know each other again, they realize is that the lust they felt as teenagers has changed to love as adults.

He helps her deal with all sorts of family issues and all her secrets come to light.  Some that actually affect not only her but others as well.

But in the end, he convinces her that their love is something that she shouldn’t give up on and that they are meant to be together.

And yes, the story does end happily ever after.


This is long anticipated story about Casey.  We get to know him a little bit in the first four books in this series, so reading this one and being able to find out his story, is appealing and interesting.

This story is better written than the other books, in my opinion.  There’s an actual problem that has to be dealt with and solved and that makes the story to be much more interesting.

I enjoyed being able to get to know Emma and the troubling character that she is and the struggles that she’s had to endure.  And that endears her to you.

There are way too many different book covers for this series to be able to make an accurate book series picture for this series, so just follow the above link to the series page.

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