The Cahill Ranch Series

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

This a brand new series (as of Jan 2017) for BJ Daniels.  

I love it when I find a new series about family.  

This one is about the Cahill Family.  First, there’s Tucker.  He left when he was 18yrs and never looked back.  Then there’s Flint.  He’s the local sheriff.  And then there’s  Cyrus and Hawk.  They run the family ranch.  And finally, the youngest, the twins Darby and Lillian.  They bought an old heritage building and turned it into a bar and cafe.

Can’t forget their father, Ely.  He’s a strange one.  Lives in the mountains most of the time.  And was abducted by aliens.  Makes for an interesting story.

This is a fun, easy western romances about the Cahill family!

As I’ve read, book 1 and book 2, I have found that it has been building to book 3!  So you need to read them in order to know what has been happening.

Book 1, Renegade’s Pride, is about Lillie Cahill and Trask Beaumont.

Book 2, Outlaw’s Honor, is about Darby Cahill and Mariah Ayres.

Book 3, Cowboy’s Legacy, is about Flint Cahill and Maggie Thompson.  This one comes out November 2017!!!

Check out the individual books in the Cahill Ranch Series:

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