Kill Without Shame

Last Published: 08-31-2017

Book Details

Kill Without Shame is the 2nd book in the ARES Security Series by Alexandra Ivy!!

This romantic suspense series is about the group of men that were in a Taliban prison together in Afghanistan.  Max, Rafe, Teagan, Lucas and Hauk.

This is Lucas’ story.

Lucas is the smooth talking hostage negotiator that chose to stay with these men even though his wealthy parents could have bought his way out.

Lucas is a St. Clair from Shreveport, Louisiana.

But after spending five weeks being tortured in a Taliban prison, his family’s money no longer means anything to him.

And it was because of his family that he let her get away!!

Mia Ramon was the one that he loved and he let go because of his family and the influence they wielded.  

So the story begins with Lucas finding out that Mia is in danger, that someone is trying to kill her.  And he drops everything to go to her.

You see, Lucas had left her in Shreveport, Louisiana 15yrs before.  Now in Houston with the security company that they’ve set up, he has the ability to go to her.

But he has to convince her not only that he still cares but he also never stopped loving her.  He has to convince her that she is in danger and that he is the one to protect her.

Mia took over her father’s landscaping business and had made it a smashing success!  

She doesn’t believe that he still cares.  So he has his work cut out for him to convince her.  Most of the storyline is him trying to convince her.  And him protecting her from some unknown killer that wants her dead.

While the characters are well developed and interesting, you don’t see all of the characters in this series.  You see Max and Teagan, whereas Rafe and Hauk barely make an appearance.

So the majority of the story is about Lucas and Mia investigating to find out who is behind the death of Tony.  And try to find out who is after her.

There is still great chemistry between Lucas and Mia.  They both still have feelings for each other and they mend each others hearts as the story goes on.

There are several sex scenes in the story.  And they do get into quite detail, but they don’t overpower the plotline making it the only thing.  

I’m excited for the rest of the series to be written.  It will be fun to see how the author adds in Max’s, Hauk’s and Teagan’s stories!!

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