The Dark Series

Originally Published: 12-05-2019

Book Details

Christine Feehan’s Dark Series is a paranormal romance series that is one of the longest running book series published today.

Please know that she is coming out with all new covers for this book series, so not all of them will look the same.

Some facts you need to know about the series:

Each Carpathian male has to hear his lifemate’s voice to be able to see color and experience emotions again.  When he finds her, they both have to adjust to being together.  All of the men are old-old-old fashioned with old school ideas and thoughts.  Each of the women are modern and independent.  Each story is how they adjust to each other and the compromising that they learn to do.

Take a look at this list and you will find 30+ books.  And I don’t see her stopping with this series any time soon.  Each book is written in such a way that you can tell there is more to come!!

Each of the stories follow the same basic plot line – guy senses girl, guy follows her to find her, girl balks at the idea of who he is, guy convinces her of his love, then he has to bring her over into his world.

Each guy is a gorgeous hunky Carpathian male.  While the majority of the female are psychic in some way, there are some heroines that are actually Carpathian and have the gifts and talents of the race.  

Each book then has the two main characters pitted against each other to help each other change and become more.

Each story is filled with exquisite detail about the characters, about the places, about the scenery, about the people.  Christine Feehan paints beautiful pictures about the characters, where they live, how they love. You can become part of the story due to how vivid her descriptions are.

Each book can and does stand on its own.  There is a background plot that is happening within this series.  You will find though that the background plot is more unsaid than actually takes part in each book plotline.  

All the main characters are in a race to save the Carpathian people and the Carpathian way of life.   This background plot is gradually built in each book, in some it’s more pronounced than in others.  

But as each story passes and you feel how each character adds to the community, you need to know how all this will end and if the evil vampires will eventually be annihilated.

Each book does have sexy scenes to worry about.  Christine Feehan writes beautifully sensual scenes that are filled with beautiful words.  They are not written using crude words, they are described with sensuality, compassion, passion and love.

Each one of these stories is beautifully written.  They can be read again and again.  They are that good.

Book Series Summary

Book 1, Dark Prince, starts us out with the prince of the Carpathians.   When Mikhail Dubrinsky senses his lifemate, Raven Whitney, he finally feels hope for their future.

Book 2, Dark Desire, is where Shea O’Halloran saves Jacques Dubrinsky from the vampire hunters and then from himself.  Because she’s half Carpathian, she gives them even more hope that there is a future for all Carpathians.

Book 3, Dark Gold, takes us to America with Alexandria Houton and Aiden Savage’s story.  He’s brothers to Julian in book 5!

Book 4, Dark Magic, is where Savannah Dubrinsky is finally old enough to become lifemates with The Dark One – Gregori Daratrazanoff.

Book 5, Dark Challenge, is about Julian Savage and Desari Daratrazanoff.  She’s the long lost sister to Gregori.  Darius got a small group of children out when the villages where being attacked, Desari being one of them.

Book 6, Dark Fire, is Darius Daratrazanoff’s story.  This story is also about Barak and Syndil, also members of the Dark Troubadoors.  Darius saved his small family and now his lifemate, Tempest “Rusti” Trine must save him.

Book 7, Dark Dream, is about Falcon and Sara Marten.  He’s an ancient warrior that served under Mikhail’s father.  Together, he and Sara must save a handful of children who all have psychic gifts.

Book 8, Dark Legend, brings us back to the Daratrazanoff family.  This one is about Gabriel, twin to Lucien (book 9).  His lifemate, Francesca was alone just like him for many centuries.

Book 9, Dark Guardian, is Lucien’s story.  He pretended to be a vampire for so many centuries in order to keep his brother Gabriel from turning.  Now when he finds his lifemate, Jaxon Montgomery, he finds that his world is about to be altered even more.

Book 10, Dark Symphony, takes us out of the current characters and let’s Byron Justicano finally get his story.  This book is also connected to The Scarletti Curse, a stand-alone novel also by Christine Feehan.

Book 11, Dark Descent, is about Traian Trigovise and Joie Sanders. This is where the jaguar shapeshifters come into the storyline.

Book 12, Dark Melody, takes us back to the Dark Troubadors. This time Dayan gets his story.  This is a bit different of a story that is touching and memorable.

Book 13, Dark Destiny, brings us another set of brothers joining the Carpathians.  Nicolea Von Shrieder and his brother Vikirnoff (book 16) are ancients warriors.  This is the story that starts having some of the women to vampire slayers as well!!

Book 14, Dark Hunger is a part of the Anthology Hot Blooded, so it’s a novella. This is the beginning of the De La Cruz brothers.  This is Riordan De La Cruz’s and Juliette Sangria’s story.  She’s also part of the jaguar race!

Book 15, Dark Secret, brings us another of the De La Cruz brothers.  This is Rafael’s story.  He takes over Colby Jansen’s life only to have her take over his!

Book 16, Dark Demon, is Vikirnoff Von Shrieder’s story.  When he finally catches up with Natalya Shonski, he knows she’s his lifemate despite the fact that she’s nothing like he expected.

Book 17, Dark Celebration, is different than the rest of the books.  This is about many of the couples coming together for a Christmas celebration and to give the Carpathian people hope.

Book 18, Dark Possession, is about Manolito De La Cruz and MaryAnn Delaney.  This is the book where the werewolf bloodline joins the ranks!  And you find out lots about the back story to the whole series.

Book 19, Dark Curse, is about Lara Calladine and Nicolas De La Cruz.  As daughter to Razvan and because she grew up in the ice caves, she’s the one to unravel all the secrets of Xavier.

Book 20, Dark Slayer, is about Ivory Malinov and Razvan.  This is a pivotal story to understand the background of the whole series.  And a story of healing.

Book 21, Dark Peril, is about Dominic Dragonseeker and Solange Sangria.  She’s pureblood jaguar and he’s an ancient warrior who goes into enemy territory to find out their plans.

Book 22, Dark Predator, is about the oldest De La Cruz.  Zacarias is the most lethal and deadly.  And it’s only Margaurita Fernandez is the only one to calm him.

Book 23, Dark Storm, gives us the story of Dax and Riley Parker and how with the help of a fire dragon and Mother Earth, they are finally able to defeat a master vampire.

Books 24, 25, and 26 are considered a trilogy within the series so there is a plotline that spans these three books along with the overall background plot that is spanning the whole series.

Book 24, Dark Lycan, brings us Fenris’ and Tatijiana’s story.  He’s the Carpathian/Lycan cross that causes a huge uproar within both the Carpathian worlds and the Lycan world.

Book 25, Dark Wolf, is Skyler’s story.  You first met her in book 8 when Gabriel and Francesca adopted her.  Now because Dimitri has been captured, she takes it upon herself to be the one to rescue him.

Book 26, Dark Blood, is Zev and Bronnie’s story.  This is the story that really brings in a whole new dimension into the plotline!  And an exciting one!

Book 27, Dark Crime, is about Maksim Volkov and Blaze McGuire.  While this book is a novella, it’s packed with a ton of events that shape several of the books to come!  Don’t forget to read this one!

Book 28, Dark Ghost, is about Andre Boroi and Teagan Joanes.  She’s a geologist on the hunt for a gem to help her grandmother and finds her lifemate instead.

Book 29, Dark Promises, is the only book within this series where there are two couples, Gabriel Sanders and Aleksei, and Fane and Trixie Joanes.

You will find from this point on, within the series, that the stories are much more connected, much like the small trilogy (Dark Lycan, Dark Wolf and Dark Blood) in this series.  The characters are overlapping a whole lot more and the storylines are wrapped around each other enabling us to get to know more of them faster.

In the monastery, there were seven ancient warriors that were given hope and a few clues to help them find their lifemates.  They are Dragomir, Andor, Benedek, Ferro, Isai, Sandu, and Petru.  And then they were sent out into the world leaving the monastery behind.

Book 30, Dark Carousel, is about Charlotte Vintage and Tariq Asenguard.  This one gives us some insight into the past and how it shaped the future. 

This book adds several new characters to the storyline.  There’s Afansiv (Siv) Balan and Nicu Dalca along with mentioning the triplets, Mataias, Lojos and Tomas as well.

Book 31, Dark Legacy, is about Dragomir Kozul and Emeline Sanchez.  This book is a pivotal story and adds to the already growing conspiracy that is happening.  There are several new developments that happen in this book that you don’t expect!!

Book 32, Dark Sentinel, is about Andor Katona and Lorraine Peters.  This is a emotional story about learning to live again !

Book 33, Dark Illusion, is about Isai Florea and Julija Brennan.

There doesn’t seem to be an end to this series!  I haven’t even finished it myself!!

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