The Paranormal Ghost Stories by Cindy Miles

Originally Published: 08-05-2020

Cindy Miles is a national best-selling romance author who writes not only in paranormal but also has several contemporary novels out.  She also write under the name of Elle Jasper.  

Here you’ll find her Paranormal Ghost Stories!

Book Series Summary

The Paranormal Ghost Stories from Cindy Miles is filled with gorgeous highland men that sweep their women away.  

This series is about men who have been cursed, are dead and haunt different places as ghosts.  

They walk the earth in hopes of finding their soulmates.  Each of these books are fun and spunky.  They’re light and airy, with intriguing storylines and interesting but not so complex characters that you can’t understand where they are coming from.

I like the how Cindy Miles portrays her characters with old world standards and values.  There are no love scenes before marriage.  It fits with the time period and with themes in the plot line.  And then after they’re married, the scenes are not very detailed as it fits with the type of story it is.

Each story definitely reads on its own.  And while Cindy Miles doesn’t have a website to tell us which order these books go in, you will find these listed according to her Fantastic Fiction page.

I have listed these books according to how I found them when reading them.  As each subsequent book brings some of the previous characters in and lets you know how each is doing and what is happening in their lives.  

This paranormal series is just a plain enjoyable read.  Check out Cindy Miles’ Facebook fan page for more.

Spirited Away is a sweet and endearing story about Tristan de Barre and Andi Monroe.  He’s a hardened knight whose heart is melted by a sweet Andi.  She in turn figures out how to save him.

Into Thin Air is about Gawan of Gonwyk and Ellie, the woman he finds on the side of the road.

Highland Knight is about Ethan Munro and the mystery novelist Amelia Landry.

MacGowan’s Ghost is where we meet Gabe MacGowan and Allie Morgan.  He calls her in to oust a bunch of rowdy ghosts only to find that he looses his heart instead!!

Thirteen Chances is an exciting story about where Emma Calhoun finally gets her 13th and final chance to save Christian of Arrick-by-the-Sea.  Because if she doesn’t, she looses him forever!

Within the Anthology A Highland Christmas, you will find A Christmas Spirit, a fun and short story about Paige MacDonald and Gabriel Munro!

Into Thin Air

Highland Knight

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