The Boarding House

Originally Published: 10-16-2019

The Boarding House by Sharon Sala is a stand-alone book that doesn’t belong to any series.

Book Summary

And you need to know that this book is NOT a romance of any kind.  

This story is classified as a psychological thriller or a suspense novel. 

And while it has no sexual details, it does have details that go along with this type of story although they aren’t graphic in detail.

This story is about Ellie Wayne and the he** she lives at the hands of her father.

Please note that this story is not for the faint of heart.  This story deals with a tragic and heartbreaking issue that is unfortunately common in our society.

From the time that Ellie is old enough to understand anything, she has to endure both the sexual and mental abuse from her father.  

Sala writes in a captivating way while not going into minute details as to what Ellie has to endure.  But as readers, we are able to feel right along with her.

Now this story has a twist.  And you don’t figure it out until you’re far into the story.

So for those of you that can’t handle spoilers, Sorry!!  The rest of this page will be full of spoilers.

In order to cope with what has happened to her, Ellie created alternate personalities to deal with it.

So when her father comes to her at night, Wayne, her twin is the one that endured it.  In reality she had no twin.

When her mother died, Sophie, an old nanny came to take care of them.

When she became a teen and needed a friend, Cinnamon joined the group.  She was a defiant, outspoken character that stood up for Ellie.

So this book is called The Boarding House because of all these characters that are living in it.

Sala does an amazing job of portraying this character.  To be able to write in such a way that you can’t tell that the characters are actually one character takes skill.  And not many authors can do this.

And the fact that she endures this at the hand of her father is appalling and so very sad.

In the end, Ellie does take control of her own life and learns to love herself and to heal, but there’s so much that happens along the way.

And to go right along with that is religious references that aid in her healing process and in what the therapists try to help her to understand.

I found the story to be very well written despite the fact that this subject is such a sad part of our society.  She doesn’t fall in love, like other romance stories.  But she does come to love herself and to heal after she kills her father.  

This story is worth reading, but please remember that this story is not an easy read.  I cried and howled right along with Ellie as she endured he**.

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