Hard Rain

Originally Published: 06-20-2017

Book Summary

Hard Rain is the 4th book in the Montana Hamiltons Series.  

This one  is about Harper Hamilton and Brody McTavish.  She’s one of the twins, the youngest of the Hamilton girls.  Brody is the only son of Finn McTavish.  They belong each to feuding families. 

Okay, the story has kind of Romeo and Juliet feel, but only slightly!!!

It all starts when Brody sees Harper on a runaway horse, screaming.  He jumps to her rescue only to be berated for ruining her fun!  After he finds out that she actually meant to be screaming, they head out to find her horse.  

What they find when they find her horse is gruesome and terrible.  They find a body buried in a box.  The hard rains had caused the mountain to slide, opening up an unmarked grave.

The mystery of this body is the rest of the story.

It’s actually kind of sad.  They find the body of Brody’s cousin, Maggie.  She went missing some 35years before.  He never knew her.  As they dive into finding out who killed her, they open up a pandora’s box that could get them killed.  But they are determined to not let ruin their budding romance.

This is where the feud with these two families comes in.  Maggie had an affair with Harper’s grandfather(JD, and yes, he was twice as old as she was).  And the grandfather was blamed for her disappearance.  Finn (Brody’s dad) and Flannigan (Brody’s uncle and Maggie’s dad) believed that JD had raped Maggie and left her pregnant.

Harper decides that she needs to solve this mystery.  She is tired of being in the dark about family secrets.  She convinces Brody to help her investigate.

It’s during this investigation, that they realize that life is too short.  They are going to be together no matter what.  It’s kinda cheesy, there’s not much “dating” in the romance of the story.  They just decide to be together.

Okay so alot more happens, but it’s an intriguing story that keeps you captivated.  Definitely a read to check out!!

There is little to no sexual content in this story.  It really is more about the mystery than the romance.

I liked how there were several returning characters.  Ones like Frank Curry, the sheriff of this little town.  And his wife, Lynette.  He’s instrumental in solving the murder of Maggie McTavish.  There are a whole bunch of others that pop up and you recognize their names from the other books.

BJ Daniels does a good job in keeping the characters all straight and well developed.  It does help to know who the characters are before you start reading this book.  So reading the whole series helps to know that.

You do have to read the whole series to be able to find out what had happened with Sarah and her disappearance.

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