Kiss of Fate

Originally Published: 10-13-2017

Book Summary

Kiss of Fate by Deborah Cooke is the 3rd book in the Dragonfire Series.

If you have been reading this whole series, you know that this series is about the Pyr and the women that they choose to be with.  

According to the storyline, there needs to be three essential firestorms to enable the Pyr to succeed.  First, there was Quinn’s and Sara’s, then there was Alex’s and Donovan’s.  Now it’s the King’s turn!!

This is Erik’s story!! 

As the leader of the Pyr, it is essential for him to have a firestorm too.  

Even if he’s already had one.  

This story comes with a lot of back story to fill in the blanks of how and why the Pyr came to be.

This is the story of the King and the Consort!

As the leader of the Pyr, Erik’s life is filled with responsibilities and duties that he must do.  But his life is not in balance.  And that is the gist of this particular book – to give Erik the balance that he needs in order to lead the Pyr.

This story starts out with Eileen Grosvenor in England to dig up a certain story.  As a Comparative Mythologist, Eileen, she collects urban myths for a living.  Essentially, she is a collector of stories.  And there is one story that she has come to find.

The Dragon Lover of Madeley is a story that not only haunts her in her dreams but also makes her think of things that could be.

While she is there, she is asked by a friend to look at a box of artifacts.  This box of artifacts happens to be the Dragon Tooth Warriors that are enchanted into teeth!!!  

And that is where she gets her first glimpse of a dragon.  And because she has the teeth, she is then persued by the Slayers.  Erik can do nothing but protect her.

It’s then that he realizes that Eileen is the reincarnation of Louisa, his mate in his first firestorm.  And the story that she is digging up is the story of his first firestorm.

Essentially the entire story is about Erik and Eileen learning from their past mistakes and making better ones in the future while healing each other.

I really liked this particular book.  There’s a bunch of other details that help to understand the whys and who’s of things.  Things like:

  • The history of the Pyr.  This helps to understand part of the plot line.
  • Why the Pyr are in the state that they are in.  And what it’s gonna take for them to succeed.

But there’s lots of other things that happen too:

  • Boris not only survived the battle with Erik in book 2, but his is healed and battling with the Slayers again. 
  • Boris and Erik battle to the death and Erik wins.
  • Sigmund, Erik’s son by his first firestorm, defends Eileen when he finds out that she is the reincarnation of his mother.  His injuries are severe enough that he begs Erik to make sure that he is for sure dead.
  • Magnus has the Dragon Blood Elixir and is now the leader of the Slayers.
  • There is a real discord among the Slayers.  They are all fighting for supremacy.
  • Because Sophie chose to help the Pyr, she finds that she wants to be with Nikolas.
  • Rafferty finally receives the dragon teeth and “plants” them.  An army of 99 emerge to help the Pyr.
  • Sophie realizes Nikolas’ destiny and that hers is tied with his.  She finds the hidden academy and they destroy it with help from the Dragon Tooth Warriors.  They are also destroyed.
  • They lose many men in the battle at the academy.

Deborah Cooke is definitely a compelling writer!  These stories are intriguing and engaging.  I have made a point to find as many as I can!!

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