Dark Curse

Originally Published: 07-15-2018

Book Summary

Dark Curse is the 19th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This is where one more of the De La Cruz brothers finally finds his lifemate.

This is Nicolas’ story.  He’s at the end of his existence and has decided to seek the sun.  And that’s when he finds Lana Calladine.

And this is also the story that we find out all sorts of the background story and all sorts about Razvan and who he was and what he might have endured at the hands of Xavier.

You see, Lana is Razvan’s daughter and was raised in the ice caves.  She escaped with the help of her two aunts, Tatijanna and Bronnie. 

These two are the dragons that are encased in ice in the caves.  They are mentioned in Colby’s and Natalya’s stories as they both went into the ice caves.  This is the story where they are rescued.  They get their own stories in book 24 and 26, respectfully!

Now Lana escaped when she was just a child and now as an adult, she has come back to the Carpathian Mountains to find out if her nightmares are real and to save her aunts, if at all possible.

But along the way, she meets Nicolas and he keeps her captive for one day as he slept and that tipped her over the edge of sanity making her give up wanting living as it brought horrific memories back from her childhood.

Now her memories have been completely tampered with and as she stays and gets to know Nicolas and the other Carpathian men and women, her knowledge of the what happened in the ice caves becomes instrumental in them figuring out how to save their unborn children as well as why it’s happening.

They also call for a warrior’s council as Nicolas is wanting the prince and others to know that he’s part of the reason that all of this has been happening to their people.

He tells them that him and his brothers along with the Malinov brothers devised a plan to bring the Dragonseeker family down along with all the Carpathian people.  And that’s the plan that the vampires are using to destroy them, from the inside out.

In telling them all, Dominic, one of their most revered warriors decides to go into enemy territory to find out what their plans are.  So he ingests the parasites that the vampires are using to recognize each other and leaves.  Now he gets his story in book 21 when he finds Solange.

Many of their warriors showed up to the warriors council and you meet them all again.

Of course the story follows the similar pattern like the rest with the man having to realize the extent of what she went thru at the hands of Razvan and Xavier, before she can be fully with him.

And that takes a huge chunk of the storyline.  Of course, in the end they end up together but not before lots happens.

They also come to the conclusion that Razvan has been tortured and abused for centuries at Xavier’s hand and that there’s a chance that he might not be turned vampire like they first thought.

He gets his own story in  book 20, Dark Slayer.  Check that out to find out what had happened to Razvan and to Ivory as she’s his lifemate!!  Talk about a humongous twist to the storyline!!

Now Lana was horribly abused by Razvan (who was Xavier) and the only way she was saved was with the aunts help.  They kept her sane when she was beaten and fed upon.

Now as she comes back to the ice caves, her memories start coming back and she realizes what’s real and what really happened to her.  

And it’s only with Nicolas’ help that she’s able to face the terrible memories that are locked away in her mind.

But it’s also the fact that she’s Carpathian, a mage and Dragonseeker  that she’s able to withstand the horrors that she endured.  But it also makes her a very powerful woman.

Then she decides that she needs to check to see if her aunts are alive or dead. 

Together with Natalya and Vikirnoff, they go to the ice caves to find some answers.  There they find what they have been suspecting.  Xavier is killing their people from the inside by using microorganisms to destroy them from them from the inside.

And Lana is the only one that can go inside them to find them.

So she actually isn’t completely converted in this story.  She’s living half and half so that she can shed her self and go into their bodies to find these microorganisms that are killing them.

And she’s successful.  But at great cost.

So this book just ends with them finding a whole ton of answers but with Lara’s and Nicolas’ story not complete.  

What it does do is lead us right into book 20, Dark Slayer, where we find out what really happened to Razvan and Ivory!  So check it out!!!

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