Phantom Shadows

Last Published:11-26-2019

Book Summary

Phantom Shadows is the 3rd book in the Immortal Guardians Series by Dianne Duvall.

If you’re reading this whole series, then you know that it’s about a group of men and women that call themselves the Immortal Guardians!!

This one brings you Sebastien Newcombe and Melanie Lipton.

Bastien has been leading a band of vampires for over 200 years.  He doesn’t know that he’s a guardian as he’s the one that Seth missed when he was converted.  So he floundered on his own for a very long time!

Because he has a vendetta against Roland, he gets captured by the Guardians.  

Melanie Lipton the human doctor that has been helping the Guardians find a cure for the virus to help fight the madness that happens to them if they aren’t gifted.

She gets personally involved when Bastien comes in and soon becomes his staunch ally.  And of course, love develops between them and they become inseparable!!

Bastien is known as the rebel of the group.  He never really feels like he belongs with the guardians but does work for their side.  He is just a bit of an outsider because of the way that he was…. not found!!

Melanie doesn’t give Bastien a chance to say no to her.  So a major part of the story is her making sure that he knows that he’s wanted.

He becomes her stanch ally and protector as she uses her medical experience to help the Immortals try to find a cure for the vampires and help them fight the enemies that arise as the storyline progresses.

During book 3, three vampires choose to follow the guardians to see if they can find a cure before they succumb to the virus.  Cliff, Joe and Stuart were recruited by Bastien for his vampire army.  And they are the ones that choose to be imprisoned by the guardians so they can assist and find some purpose.  By book 5, Cliff is the only one that hasn’t succumb to the madness.

While each book can be read on its own, you understand the back story and the sheer number of characters if you read the whole series together!!

There is sexy content in this book, it goes with the story line.  The author doesn’t use crude words which is nice!

This leads us to book 4, Darkness Arises, where we find out Etienne’s story.  But don’t forget to read book 3.5, In Still Darkness, that tells us Richart’s story!

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