Midnight Kiss

Originally Published: 12-19-2017

Short stories by Robyn Carr, Jean Brashear and Victoria Dahl

Check out each of these short stories by some awesome authors, all based at Christmas time.


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anthology with tender and sweet novellas

Midnight Confessions by Robyn Carr

Midnight Confessions is the 12th book in the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.

It’s a cute and sweet short story about Sunny Archer and Drew Foley.

Sunny is niece to Nate (book 8) and Drew is little brother to Marcie (book 4) and Erin (book 11).

Sunny has come to Virgin River to lick her wounds from being left at the alter.  She’s having a tough time getting past the hurt that her ex caused.  So she has a chip on her shoulders and doesn’t like men very much.

Drew has come to visit his sisters and spend some time during the holidays enjoying the small cabin that is free from the wonderful distractions that his sisters can be!!

Even though she completely shuts him down at first, Drew approaches her again and then they spend the rest of the book getting to know each other.  

And because of what they have both been through, they spend the whole story confessing their troubles and sorrows during the New’s Year Eve party. 

So this is just a short and simple romance story.  There are no sex details to worry about in this one.  Just a lot of sweet and tender words between two getting to know each other.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the series here.  

Midnight Surrender by Jean Brashear

Midnight Surrender by Jean Brashear is a short and sweet Christmas romance about two who should be completely wrong for each other, but happen to be exactly perfect for each other!!

Jordan Parrish is a lawyer and is a shark.  She eats men for breakfast and dinner.  Will Masterson is an ordinary guy who is a carpenter by trade.  And just an all around nice guy.

He’s warned by his friends that he shouldn’t go after Jordan, but he doesn’t listen and takes matters into his own hands.

What he didn’t expect was to fall for her too.

They have a whirlwind romance where he must convince her that she’s capable of loving just one man. 

And they have their forever kiss at midnight when they both finally surrenders to each other and believe that they can actually make it work.

It’s tender and heart-warming.  Makes you believe in forever all over again!

There is one scene that you have to watch for.  But there’s not alot of sexy details in this scene so you can skip it easy if needed.

Definitely a great addition to this delightful anthology.

Midnight Assignment by Victoria Dahl

Midnight Assignment by Victoria Dahl is another enjoyable Christmas romance that happens at Christmas.

Elise Watson and Noah James have been avoiding each other for a couple of years.  But because they are both FDIC agents, they’re finally thrown together again on a new job.  

She’s prickly and stern and gets the job done.  He’s handsome and brawn while being the head of security for this group.  And it was a previous job that their relationship took a turn.  One kiss was all it took.

Now, years later, and a world apart, they finally are able to come together again.  Maybe now they’ll see if the flame that was there is there again.

A frenzied coupling leaves Elise completely shaken but has Noah all the more determined to make sure she realizes that she is his.

Okay, so they work through their issues and come to realize that they need to be together.

It’s an entertaining and delightful, if not very short Christmas story.  

Yes, there are scenes to watch for even in this small story.  VD doesn’t use terrible language or crude words in the story.  They do flow with the storyline and growth of the characters.

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