Wicked Cowboy Charm

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Summary

Wicked Cowboy Charm is the 4th book in the Lucky Penny Ranch Series!

This one is about Deke Sullivan and Josie Dawson.

She is Jud’s sister (book 3) and he is best friends with Allie (book 1).  Okay he’s best friends with all three girls and grew up with them!

While he may be a bit of a player, as he’s seen Allie, Lizzy and Fiona bite the bullet and fall in love, he’s starting to want it himself!!

He just thinks that he can’t settle down.

That is until he spends a week caught in a Montana blizzard with Josie Dawson!

But first, more of the story!!

Josie has come to Dry Creek to be with her brother but also to help him find oil on the Lucky Penny.  Both of them had double degrees in geology and agriculture.  And Jud thinks there’s oil on the Lucky Penny.

Josie leases the old hotel to house the oil crew that will be coming in.  But she still wants to have a ranch with all sorts of animals on it!

Deke is a cattle rancher and bought the homestead from his cousin and ended up buying up all of Truman’s livestock after they lost their home to a fire.


Both Deke and Josie want to add broncs and bulls to their ranch.  Josie wants to add to the Lucky Penny because she likes it in Dry Creek.  And Deke wants to add to his ranch.

Right from the beginning sparks fly between Deke and Josie.  So when they get caught in a freak blizzard in Montana, they spend every minute with each other and really get to know each other.

At first Deke is a complete gentleman.  It’s on the drive home from Montana that they finally give into the feelings that have been brewing!

It’s when they get back to Texas that their insecurities come back to light.  Josie doesn’t believe that Deke can be a one woman man.  

And Deke makes it his mission to convince Josie that he’s a changed man.  He has to convince her that they can be partners in life as well as partners in business!  

It’s a cute story.  I enjoyed this whole series!

And there is room for more in this series!!

Jud’s and Josie’s cousin Kasey needs her own story.  She lost her husband is now raising 3 kids on her own. 

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