Dark Symphony

Last Published: 06-27-2018

Book Summary

Dark Symphony is the 10th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This book takes us out of the current characters and back to one of the original characters that you meet in book 1.

Byron Justicano is an ancient warrior that was sent out by Mikhail’s father centuries earlier.  He’s weary his existense until he hears her music.

He travels straight to Italy to find her.

Antoinetta Scarletti is a descendant of the Scarletti’s from The Scarletti Curse.  They still deal with some of the same issues and character traits, but now they are in modern times.  They still harbor their family treasure and guard their family with an iron fist.

There’s another Don Giovanni Scarletti, grandfather to all in the palazzo.  His young and beautiful granddaughter, Antoinetta, is the creator of the beautiful music that entranced Byron to come find her.

She also happens to be blind.

She’s also the one that runs and guides the household.  She’s loyal and kind and very talented.

Byron comes mostly in secret, at first.  But when Antoinetta’s life, along with her nonno, he must step in to help.

He figures out that someone has been poisoning them.  That’s when he really becomes part of the household.

And there are several members of the household that all live in the palazzo!  And as you get to know the whole family, you see that there is love and loyalty amongst them.

Especially with in Antoinetta. 

This is the story that brings in the jaguar race into the Dark Series.  They are a distinguished race of men and women that can turn into jaguars.

And they’ve been mixing with the Scarletti’s for centuries.  To the point that when you meet Antoinetta, you find out that she has some of the jaguar capabilities.

 As Byron and Antoinetta get to know each other, they find that they are both different and they come to accept each other despite their differences.

Because of something that happened with Jacques, his best friend (book 2), you find that Byron doesn’t rush into converting Antoinetta like some of the other characters have converted their lifemates.  He’s cautious and patient, while waiting for Antoinetta to make her own decision.

You also meet several characters that, while have been around since the beginning, haven’t played a major role in any book so far.

Byron has a sister, Eleanor, with her lifemate, Vlad, and their son Josef.  These characters have been around since the beginning and know Mikhail and Gregori.  They play an interesting role in this storyline.  It shows how important family is to both Byron and to Antoinetta.

As they are getting to know each other, Antoinetta’s entire world is turned upside down.  Someone gets killed right in their palazzo.  Another gets poisoned.  Still another is threatened.

So the plotline is filled with lots of intrigue that keeps you entertained and captivated.  

And while this story is similar to the others in this series, it also is different in how it is presented to us.

It does help to read The Scarletti Curse to know the background of the curse and why it’s happened and who was involved.  But you can figure it out even if you don’t want to read it.

I enjoyed this particular book.  There are several entertaining characters that you get to know.  It makes for really good story.  Check it out!

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