Dark Magic

Originally Published: 06-26-2018

Book Summary

Dark Magic is the 4th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This book is where Gregori, The Dark One, gets his story.

This story is also about Savannah Dubrinsky.  She is daughter to the prince of the Carpathian people.  Check out book 1 for Mikhail’s and Raven’s story.

So this story is about Savannah and how she became the lifemate to Gregori, the second oldest Carpathian, and the most lethal along with being the greatest healer among them.

Now because she’s Mikhail’s and Raven’s daughter, this book takes place almost 23 years after book 1.

This book is called Dark Magic because Savannah is a magician and Gregori is the one that can do the most amazing things, almost like magic. 

Gregori was with/near Mikhail when he found Raven and was there to heal her when they had encountered a vampire.

While he was healing Raven, he chose to infuse their baby with his blood, manipulating her to become his lifemate.

Or so he thinks.

So when Savannah comes of age, Gregori grants her five more years of freedom before he claims her as his lifemate.

As a Carpathian, centuries old, and having lost his ability to feel long before, he knows that he’s nearing the end of endurance.  But he still grants Savannah the time to be human.

So the story actually starts when he finally decides that he needs to claim her.  And that is when her show comes to San Francisco.  She’s a master magician who uses her Carpathian gifts to put on a wonderful show.

But she has a great fear for Gregori.  Even though she knows that he’s supposed to be her lifemate, Gregori is the strongest and smartest of all the Carpathians.  He has great skills and knowledge, being the healer of their people.

Despite the fact that her parents were the leaders of the Carpathians, she was not taught in the Carpathian ways.  So she’s completely intimiated by Gregori and chooses to be human for a few years, not knowing what it will do to him in waiting.

During the time that Gregori awaited her, he found that he was even more close to turning and would be dangerous to not only Carpathians but humans alike.

He even asked Adrian in Dark Gold, to be the one to hunt him, along with his brother Julian, should be chose to become the undead.

So Gregori’s in a precarious position.  He’s fighting for his sanity every minute of every day.  So when Savannah is targeted by a group of vampires as well as vampire hunters, he knows that he must claim her.

And then this story falls under the same pattern as the rest.

Gregori is assaulted with colors and emotions and has to adjust to having them after centures without.

And Savannah goes thru some issues too.  She’s a young female and has some ideas that are a little off.

As they get to know each other, they find that both of them need to compromise to make their relationship work.  And that takes quite a few chapters.  They both have to come to some realizations that enable them to become actual lifemates.

Not only does Gregori need to accept his modern lifemate, his lifemate has to realize that he has sacrificed much for her.

He calls her a bunch of pet names as the story progresses.  And he learns to see Savannah for the modern woman that she is.

I would call it a get-to-know-you type of story.  And what’s fun is that Christine Feehan actually puts humor into this story.  Gregori needs to have fun and relax.  Something he’s not good at doing.

I found this story to be different by the fact that Gregori comes across as more human than some of the other Carpathian characters.

In this book, there’s only a little bit of the background plot that happens.  They do find Gary Jansen and save him from the vampire only to grant him his life and then offer him a job.

And they find a list of targeted people that the vampire hunters think are vampires.  This is where Gregori asks Julien to go find and warn a certain female, not knowing that who he finds is his lifemate.  That story is book 5, Dark Challenge!!!  

So the story continues. Don’t forget to go back to the Dark Series page to read the about each of the individual stories.

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